Head of Department

Hauskeller, Prof Michael Head of Department. Feedback and Advice Hours; Tuesday, 11-12, and Friday, 11-12  0151 794 9040 

Academic Staff

Adams, Dr John Part Time Tutor 
Bartley, Dr Christopher Academic Co-ordinator for Continuing Education. Feedback and Advice Hours: Friday 11-1  0151 794 2648 
Booth, Dr Robert Feedback and Advice Hours Wed 1300-1400 and Fri 1100-1200  0151 795 1203 
Dainton, Prof Barry Director of Postgraduate Research. Feedback and Advice Hours: Monday 2-3 pm, Tuesday 3-4 pm  0151 794 2792 
Davnall, Dr Rebecca Combined Honours Liaison Officer; Feedback and Advice Hours: Wednesdays 13:00 - 15:00  0151 795 8618 
Furman, Dr Katherine Lecturer in Philosophy, Politics & Economics 
Gaskin, Prof Richard Director of Taught Postgraduate Studies. Leader, Metaphysics, Language and Mind Research Group. Feedback and Advice Hours: Mon., 1400; Tue., 1400.  0151 794 2733 
Gkogkas, Dr Nikolaos Director of Undergraduate Studies. Employability and Placements Officer. International Opportunities Advisor. Feedback and Advice Hours: Fri 10:00 - 12:00  0151 794 2308 
Gow, Dr Laura Lecturer in Philosophy. Research Leave 2019-20 
Hailwood, Prof Simon Research & Knowledge Exchange Co-ordinator. Leader, Religion, Ethics and Practical Philosophy Research Group. Research Leave 2019-20  0151 794 2794 
Hill, Dr Daniel Admissions, Recruitment, and Widening Participation Lead. Health and Safety Representative. Feedback and Advice Hours: Thursday 12:00 - 13:00 and 14:00-15:00  0151 794 2790 
Jobling, Dr Jannine Disability & Dyslexia Co-ordinator; Chair, Curriculum Board & PPE Co-ordinating Board. Feedback and Advice Hours: Tue 10-11am & Thurs 1-2pm.  0151 794 2788 
Mckenna, Dr Robert Lecturer in Philosophy. Feedback and Advice Hours: Fridays 10-12  0151 795 7661 
McLeod, Dr Stephen Associate Dean (Education), School of the Arts. Feedback and Advice Hours: Tue., 1100 (drop-in); Fri. 1100 (by appointment)..  0151 795 3849 
Markolefas, Dr Ilias Lecturer 
Miller, Dr Gregory   0151 795 8630 
Schramme, Prof Thomas Assessment & Feedback Officer. Feedback and Advice Hours: Wednesday 10-12am  0151 794 9985 
Simoniti, Dr Vid Director of MA Art, Aesthetics & Cultural Institutions. Feedback and Advice Hours, Mondays 11:00-13:00  0151 794 2657 
Vassilopoulou, Dr Panayiota Deputy Head of Department, Director of Taught Postgraduate Studies. Leader, Arts, Aesthetics and Literature Research Group. (Room 102A, 86 Bedford St.) Feedback and Advice Hours: Tue., 1300-1500.  0151 794 2791 
Wiseman, Dr Rachael Communication Officer, Director of MA Philosophy, Philos L.  0151 795 7545 


Bates, Mr David 
Clark, Em P Stephen 
Clatworthy, Rev Jonathan 
Mc Ghee, Dr Michael 
Nathan, Dr Nicholas 
Partheni, Dr Chrissy 
Shildrick, Prof Margrit 
Tallant, Mr Jonathan    

Graduate Teaching Assistants

Brown, Mr Tom 
Cooper, Mr Samuel 
Donnelly, Dr Gary University Teacher 
Handley, Ms Rachel 
Hart, Mr Matthew 
Holland, Mr Andrew 
Khawaja, Mr Zishan