Theoretical Physics

Theoretical Particle Physics is the study of the fundamental constituents and forces describing the universe. Our research divides into two broad areas:

Fundamental Particle Physics

String and Beyond the Standard Model Phenomenology

The research of the Fundamental Particle Physics group centres on theoretical studies of the elementary particles of nature such as the structure of protons and neutrons as well as developing testable theories for the physics which lies beyond the Standard Model of particle physics. Group members with interests mainly in this area are Profs John Gracey, Simon Hands, Thomas Teubner and Andreas Vogt and Drs Pavel Buividovich, Martin GorbahnPaul Rakow and David Schaich

String and Beyond the Standard Model Phenomenology research covers string theory compactifications, supersymmetric field theories, black holes physics, beyond standard model physics, alternative formulation of quantum mechanics and searching for various mathematical avenues to make connections between string theory and the real world. Group members with interests in this area are Prof Alon Faraggi and Drs Thomas MohauptSusha Parameswaran, Juri Smirnov and Radu Tatar.

The groups also has strong links with the experimental particle physics group in the Department of Physics, and with the Astrophysics Research Institute at Liverpool John Moores University.