Theoretical Particle Physics is the study of the fundamental constituents and forces describing the universe. Our research divides into two broad areas: precision quantum field theory and string phenomenology.

The first area comprises high precision collider phenomenology, perturbative and non-perturbative approaches to quantum field theories, and lattice gauge theory.  Group members with interests mainly in this area are Profs John Gracey and Andreas Vogt and Drs Martin Gorbahn, Paul Rakow and Thomas Teubner.

The second area comprises string phenomenology, Beyond the Standard Model (BSM) physics, supersymmetry, cosmology, astroparticle and black hole physics. Group members with interests mainly in this area are Profs Alon Faraggi, Ian Jack, Tim Jones and Drs Thomas MohauptRadu Tatar and Susha Parameswaran.

One of the strengths of the theoretical particle physics group is our range of research interests and expertise covering both formal and phenomenological approaches to particle physics. The group also has strong links with the experimental particle physics group in the Department of Physics, and with the Astrophysics Research Institute at Liverpool John Moores University.

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