Centre for Mathematical Imaging Techniques (CMIT)


  • Funded by EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Distributed Algorithms (2021-2025 , 90K) Industrial partner: Sivananthan Laboratories in the USA. Title: Optimized Sampling Approaches for Compressive Sensing in Multi-Dimensional Datastreams
  • Automatic CT Segmentation of the Lungs
  • Funded by China Scholarship Council-University of Liverpool (2016-2019, 88K) Title: Diffeomorphic Image Registration Models and Algorithms
  • Funded by EPSRC industrial studentship (2014-18 91K)
  • Industrial partner: Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital (NHS) Development of automatic single image deblurring models and algorithms
  • Funded by EPSRC industrial studentship (2010-14 65K)
  • Industrial partner: St Pauls' eye unit, RLBUHT (NHS) Segmentation and co-registration models and algorithms for 4D CT with applications to cancer imaging
  • Funded by EPSRC industrial studentship (2013-17 67K)
  • Industrial partner: Clatterbridge Cancer Centre Development of a diagnostic tool for tissue properties
  • EPSRC project (2013-2016, 1.3m)
  • Joint Multidisciplanary Project for Heathcare thru Maths with University of Durham (J J Wu @ School of Engineering and Computing Sciences); University of Heriot-Watt (Y H Chen @ School of Engineering & Physical Sciences); University of Edinburgh (Pankaj Pankaj @ School of Engineering).

Other CMIT Projects:

  • Synetic superimposition of dental 3D data from mono and dizygotic twins (registration of 3D surface shapes) (Math Sciences and Dental School - R N Smith, G Townsend, K Chen and A H Brook)
  • Automatic segmentation and reconstruction of organs in 3D (Math Sciences and Royal hospital - D Gould, N Badshah and K Chen)
  • Results Demo: 2D image and 3D image, 3D image, 3D image
  • Enhancement and analysis of fluorescein angiography (Clinial Sciences and Math Sciences - Y L Zheng, S Harding, K Chen and N Chumchob)

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