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EPSRC Workshop - Modelling competition between pathogens and the evolution of AMR - Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th July 2017

LCMH is modelling Shigella, a priority organism identified by the WHO.

Image: Shigella flexneri invading embryonic stem cell. LCMH is currently modelling Shigella, a priority organism identified by the WHO.


Strain competition dynamics occur in many important areas of concern associated with infectious diseases. A pressing example of this is the development of anti-microbial resistance (AMR) which will be a major focus of this workshop. Other important examples concern virus competition dynamics, for example the evolution of seasonal influenza.

The purpose of the workshop is to identify the major biological problem areas in strain competition dynamics that may benefit from mathematical modelling and analysis. The workshop will bring together biologists working in these areas and mathematicians together with public health England. An objective is to identify and facilitate future collaborative opportunities where the input of mathematics can benefit understanding leading to improved control and potential control policy development.


  • Kate Baker
  • Mal Horsburg
  • Sarah O'Brien
  • Jon Read
  • Kieran Sharkey
  • Bakhti Vasiev

Keynote Speakers

  • Aras Kadioglu - University of Liverpool
  • Simon Foster - University of Sheffield
  • Jo Fothergill - University of Liverpool
  • Tim Dallman - Public Health England
  • Mario Recker - University of Exeter
  • Lileth Whittles - Imperial College
  • Sara Jabbari - University of Birmingham
  • Nicola Williams - University of Liverpool
  • Chris Ruis - University College London
  • William Hope - University of Liverpool
  • Andrew Hoyle - University of Stirling


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LCMH EPSRC Workshop Programme 18-19 July 2017