Liverpool Centre for Mathematics in Healthcare


Theme 1: Multi-scale systems in healthcare problems

The multi-scale approach to partial differential equations and novel asymptotic analysis open new pathways to solving fundamental problems in healthcare. This includes:

  1. Novel modelling and forecast of fatigue damage for stents in blood vessels.
  2. Multiscale mathematical models for extrapolation of in-vitro experiments to predictions of drug toxicity in humans.
  3. Multi-scale modelling of a human eye.

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Theme 2: Imaging and data integration

Advanced models for registration / segmentation offer unparalleled reliability and accuracy, capable for integrating longitudinal data in multi-modalities for direct clinical and biomedical use, to assist other image related themes, and to optimise the use of multiple biomarkers for personalised medicine. These include:

  1. Novel 3D variational segmentation models for medical imaging incorporating incomplete and partially segmented information.
  2. Development of clinical imaging models to predict tumour growth and metastasis.
  3. Multiple biomarker selection for personalised medicine.

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Theme 3: Modelling of spread and evolution of infectious diseases and complex networks

Better understanding of strain competition dynamics in heterogeneous networks is fundamental to understanding and controlling influenza and anti-microbial resistance (AMR). With scaling up methods, we will address:

  1. AMR dynamics and the mathematics of strain competition on networks.
  2. Influenza dynamics and generating networks from ego-centric data.
  3. AMR dynamics within host -impact of spatial aspects on AMR evolution.

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