Liverpool Centre for Mathematics in Healthcare

The Fourth International Workshop on Image Processing Techniques and Applications

22nd - 23rd July 2019

CMIT, University of Liverpool

Image Processing Techniques and Applications (IPTA) is a Liverpool-based workshop for the communication of research related to image processing techniques and its applications to real life imaging problems. Held every 4 years, it provides an opportunity to present and discuss research on recent advances in mathematical modelling and analysis. A journal special issue is planned after the event in the Journal of Algorithms and Computational Technology (OA, but no charge).

Invited speakers include:

  • Prof Frederic Precioso, University of Nice-Sophie Antipolis, France
  • Prof Fiorella Sgallari, University of Bologna, Italy
  • Prof Raymond Chan, City University of Hong Kong, China
  • Prof Laurent Cohen, Universite Paris Dauphine, France
  • Prof Marta Betcke, University College London, UK
  • Prof Dexing Kong, Zhejiang University, China
  • Prof Joachim Weickert, Saarland University, Germany
  • Prof Xiao-Chuan Cai, University of Colorado, USA
  • Prof Rongji Lai, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA
  • Prof Ronald Lui, Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
  • Prof Bob Plemmons, Wake Forest University, USA

Aims and Themes

Following on from the success of previous three workshops [2007, 2011, 2015], this fourth workshop aims to:

  • review the state-of-the-art in image processing models, methods, techniques and commercial software packages;
  • review learning methods in imaging,
  • highlight new techniques and applications in Biomedical Imaging,
  • tackle existing and emerging image challenges,
  • promote mutual understanding of researchers in different disciplines, and networking;
  • facilitate future research development and collaborations;

The main themes are image segmentation, multi-modality registration, deep learning and efficient algorithms with applications in medical and biomedical imaging. 

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