Photo of Dr Vasilis Gkotsis

Dr Vasilis Gkotsis

Strategy, IB and Entrepreneurship


    Personal Statement

    Vasilis Gkotsis joined the Management School in January 2019 as a Lecturer in International Business. His PhD thesis is in Service failure and recovery in UK airlines.
    With a well-enriched background in teaching Vasilis has taught in all academic disciplines with outstanding performance over the previous years, mainly in the module of International Business and management.
    Vasilis also holds an MBA and has worked for more than 10 years in the industry mostly as an operation manager along with administrative positions earlier, in a private college back in Greece. He has also worked as a business development manager here in the UK in a private institution. His return in academia comprises a dynamic combination of both worlds, first class industry experience along with equivalent level of academic teaching accompanied with research orientation.
    At the moment Vasilis it teaching the modules of "Global Strategic Management" and "International Development", he has taught for many years the module of "International Business and management" and is interested in further research around the area of International Business along with his existing one on service failure and recovery for the airline industry.

    Personal distinction

    Best lecturer award (ranked 2nd, Salford Business School, 2016-17)