Photo of Dr Aparna Venugopal

Dr Aparna Venugopal B.Tech, MBA, FPM

Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship Strategy, IB and Entrepreneurship


Selected Publications

  1. Finding the microfoundations of organizational ambidexterity - Demystifying the role of top management behavioural integration (Journal article - 2020)
  2. Strengthening organizational ambidexterity with top management team mechanisms and processes (Journal article - 2019)
  3. Between hesitation and decisiveness-Understanding consumers' ego, altruism, and eagerness to pay for renewable energy (Journal article - 2019)
  4. Identifying consumers' engagement with renewable energy (Journal article - 2019)
  5. Identifying the focal role of top management paradoxical cognition in ambidextrous firms (Journal article - 2018)
  6. Harnessing technology for power at the edge- The Case of MBISSA Energy Systems, a Socio-Tech Venture (Chapter - 2019)
  7. Lifting the lid off the toilet- Case on Samagra Empowerment Foundation (Chapter - 2019)