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Evaluating the accuracy of the halo model in predicting the non-linear matter power spectrum, Acuto A., Virgo meeting 2021 workshop (Online), 8 January 2021 (A. Acuto)

The efficient outcoupling of terahertz radiation from relativistic beam driven dielectric lined waveguides, 2021 APS April meeting, 16-20 April 2021 (M. Yadav)



Using cosmological hydro simulations to improve the halo model with an eye to large-scale structure emulators, Acuto A., McCarthy I. G., National Astronomy Meeting 2019, University of Lancaster, Lancaster UK,  3 July 2019 (A. Acuto)

Geometric optimization study for a dielectric laser accelerato’, European Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop (EAAC2019), Elba, Italy, 16 September 2019 (G. Yadav)