Photo of Dr Sean Columb

Dr Sean Columb BA, LLM, PhD

Senior Lecturer Law


    Personal Statement

    Seán Columb, PhD (Queen's University, Belfast), is a Lecturer in Law at the School of Law and Social Justice, University of Liverpool (UK). His research interests include human trafficking, migration and transnational crime. Seán current research examines how the organ trade fits into the anti-trafficking framework, its link to organised crime and the wider political economy. He has published numerous articles on this topic, most recently in the British Journal of Criminology (2016) and Law and Society Review (2017).

    Seán’s research is empirically driven and interdisciplinary, drawing on law, migration, ethnography, anthropology and work with medical professionals, in particular transplant surgeons under the umbrella of the European Society for Organ Transplantation. Seán’s empirical research in Cairo, Egypt (2014-2018), has garnered attention from media outlets and has been featured in Reuters, BBC World, The Times, Deutsche Welle, Al-Hurra TV, Le Monde and De Morgen.