Photo of Professor Michael Dougan

Professor Michael Dougan M.A. (Cantab), Ph.D (Cantab)

Professor of European Law and Jean Monnet Chair in EU Law Law


Personal Statement

Michael graduated in Law from the University of Cambridge (BA Hons in 1996; PhD in 2001). He has previously worked as a Lecturer in Law at the University of Cambridge and at University College London. He was appointed Professor of European Law at the University of Liverpool in 2004.

A note on the University of Liverpool's "Jean Monnet Chair in EU Law" (which has been the subject of extensive misinformation, both before and after the 2016 referendum):

In 2006, the University of Liverpool was awarded a Jean Monnet Chair – a form of EU grant for research and education, not (despite its title) an academic post or position – consisting of €36,000 (approx. £24,000 at the time). Under the terms of the grant, part of the money was spent on a major academic conference, the outputs from which were published by the usual process of international peer review. The remaining funds were spent on the Law School's general teaching costs. The Jean Monnet award itself has long since been closed. However, for so long as I remain an employee of the University of Liverpool, I am entitled to continue referring to the 2006 award among my own professional distinctions. I am very happy and proud to do so, since such awards carry considerable prestige within my academic discipline.

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