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Mr Jeremy Marshall LL.B, PG Dip Legal Practice, MSc (SRM) (Open)

Lecturer Law


Personal Statement

I am a lecturer in law and teach mostly foundation legal method and legal skills topics. My interest is in the way in which legal processes deliver (or fail to deliver) justice. While legal aid and funding, rights of audience, and the complex web of procedural court rules have for many years affected how we can vindicate our substantive legal rights, in the 21st century technology is increasingly disturbing traditional legal processes. I am interested in how the web can threaten conventional notions of proper legal procedure, especially in the context of recent high profile cases of the web and social media being used to influence the outcome of trials when used as a vehicle of research by jurors or when used by interested parties to convey messages to jurors, judges and witnesses in order to influence their decision making process. At the same time the web and social media may offer us the potential to improve access to justice to thousands of people who would not otherwise receive reliable and timely legal advice. The relationship between new technologies and the rule of law must be understood in order to preserve our most important values.