The Department of Veterinary Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology study the morphological and functional structure of normal and pathologically altered organs and systems and their morbid conditions and causative agents.  We support the delivery of veterinary care with state-of-the-art diagnostics and infection control.

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Vet Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology

Head of Department
Ressel, Professor LorenzoHead of Department, Veterinary Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology0151 795 6172
Noble, Dr KarenDeputy Head of Department, Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Preclinical Sciences, Director of Admission0151 795 0255
Miller, Ms SallyManagement Services Administrator/PA to Prof Lorenzo Ressel0151 794 2917
Anderson, Dr JamesLecturer in Veterinary Anatomy
Blundell, Dr RichardSenior Lecturer in Veterinary Pathology0151 795 6074
Chantrey, Professor JulianProfessor in Veterinary Pathology & Wildlife Medicine0151 794 6189
Crosby-Durrani, Dr HayleyLecturer in Veterinary Pathology0151 795 1354
Duret, Mr DenisLecturer0151 794 6058
Durrani, Dr ZeeshanSenior Lecturer0151 795 0254
Leeming, Dr GailSenior Lecturer in Veterinary Pathology0151 795 6296
MacDiarmid, Dr RosieLecturer0151 794 9993
Ormandy, Dr EmmaSenior Lecturer in Veterinary Professional and Clinical Skills0151 794 4282
Penrose, Dr FaySenior Lecturer in Veterinary Science0151 794 6035 Ext:6035
Reid, Ms AlisonSenior Lecturer0151 794 4263
Ricci, Dr EmanueleSenior Lecturer in Veterinary Pathology0151 794 6073
Rocchigiani, Dr GuidoLecturer in Veterinary Pathology0151 794 1518
Salmon, Professor KieronBVSc Programme Director0151 794 4236
N T Canedo, Dr Nuria
Timofte, Professor DorinaHead of Veterinary Clinical Microbiology0151 794 6193
Zendri, Ms Flavia
Kapetanou, Miss AthanasiaResident in Veterinary Pathology
Rodriguez Barbon, Mr Alberto Resident in Veterinary Pathology
Sosa Portugal, Dr SilvanaResident in Veterinary Microbiology
Van De Weyer, Mr Yannick Resident in Veterinary Pathology
Orlowska, Mrs. Anna Resident in Veterinary Pathology
Technical Staff
Bandara Athauda, Mrs BuddhiniVeterinary Microbiology Technician
Bivolaru, Mr CatalinPost Mortem Room Technician
Blagbrough, Mr John
Dowling, Mr MarkHistology Laboratory Technician
Ellis, Mrs ChristineVeterinary Microbiology Technician
Fitzpatrick, Miss ElenaHistology Laboratory Technician
Jones, Mr BenPMM Technician
Jones, Mr PhilPMM Technician0151 795 5134
Joyce, Mrs KathrynHistology Laboratory Technician
Kenny, Ms ClareDiagnostics Services Manager
Maciuca, Miss ElenaVeterinary Microbiology Technician
Moore, Mr LeeSenior PMM Technician, Departmental safety coordinator
Smith, Mrs HelenPost Mortem Room Technician0151 794 9092
Tilston, Miss ValerieHistology Laboratory Manager
Wattret, Mr AndyVeterinary Microbiology Technician
Pathology Diagnostic Services
Graham, Mrs CarolynneDiagnostic Service Administrator0151 794 6294 Ext:6294
Rygielska, Mrs EmmaDiagnostic Service Administrator