The Department of Evolution, Ecology and Behaviour study the biology of animals, plants and microbes, from the individual to the population level, to understand the processes driving the natural world.

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Evolution, Ecology and Behaviour

Academic Staff
Hurst, Professor JaneInterim Head of Department and William Prescott Chair of Animal Science
Atkinson, Professor DavidProfessor of Integrative Ecology0151 795 4527
Begon, Professor MichaelProfessor of Ecology0151 795 4525
Berenbrink, Dr MichaelSenior Lecturer
Betancourt, Professor AndreaProfessor of Evolutionary Genetics
Blagrove, Dr MarcusSenior Lecturer0151 794 6091 Ext:46091
Bollback, Dr JonathanSenior Lecturer0151 795 4526 Ext:54526
Bro-Jorgensen, Dr JakobSenior Lecturer
Cornell, Dr StephenReader
Chrostek, Dr EwaLecturer in Biological Sciences
Dawson, Professor WayneProfessor in Ecology
Dougherty, Dr LiamTenure Track Fellow0151 795 7771 Ext:57771
Fenton, Professor AndyProfessor of Theoretical Ecology
Hall, Dr JamesLecturer0151 795 7691 Ext:7691
Hodgson, Dr JennySenior Lecturer
Hurst, Professor GregChair of Zoology
Leybourne, Dr Daniel1851 Research Fellow
Paterson, Professor SteveProfessor of Genetics0151 795 4521
Plaistow, Dr StewartSenior Lecturer
Price, Dr ThomasReader
Rowland, Dr HannahSenior Lecturer in Ecology0151 795 1613 Ext:1613
Saccheri, Professor IlikProfessor of Ecological Genetics0151 795 4522
Stockley, Professor PaulaProfessor of Evolutionary Ecology
Tyukmaeva, Dr VeneraLecturer in Ecology0151 795 1632 Ext:51632
Viney, Professor MarkProfessor of Zoology0151 795 4469
Whitlock, Dr RajSenior Lecturer
Wigby, Dr StuartSenior Lecturer0151 795 1173 Ext:1173
Zytynska, Dr SharonBBSRC David Phillips Research Fellow0151 795 7771 Ext:7771
Research Staff
Ahmed , Dr Mohammed Research Assistant
Askew, Dr AndrewResearch Associate
Boucher, Miss JordanResearch Assistant
Cagatay, Dr SenaResearch Associate
Cheynel, Dr LouiseResearch Associate0151 795 4528
Dean, Dr AndrewResearch Associate0151 795 4551 Ext:4551
Ferrari, Dr ManuelaResearch Assistant
Frost, Dr FayResearch Associate
Gemmell, Mr MatthewResearch Associate
Gregory, Dr RichardResearch Associate
Griffin, Dr JoanneResearch Associate
Gutierrez Arellano, Dr ClaudiaResearch Associate
Hamilton, Dr KatieResearch Associate
Hornett, Dr EmilyResearch Associate0151 795 4528
Humphries, Dr RickMammalian Behaviour and Evolution Research Facility Manager
Hui, Miss MelodyResearch Assistant
Johnson, Miss FloraResearch Assistant
Jones, Dr JordanResearch Associate
Kotsiri, Miss MariaResearch Assistant
Lenzi, Dr LucaResearch Associate
Ludwig, Dr AdrianaResearch Associate
Mbaluto, Dr CrispusResearch Associate
McCallum, Dr GregoryResearch Associate
McCracken, Dr AndrewPostdoctoral Research Associate
Morris, Dr RobertResearch Associate
Mungee, Dr MansiResearch Associate
Pilgrim, Dr JackResearch Associate
Romero Soriano, Dr ValeriaResearch Associate0151 795 4528 Ext:54528
Schaal, Dr KaitlinResearch Associate
Turner, Dr JosephResearch Associate
Verspoor, Dr RudiResearch Associate
Wagner, Dr IrisResearch Associate
Whiteford, Dr SamResearch Associate
Whitehead, Dr MarkResearch Associate
Wierzbicki, Ms ClaudiaResearch Assistant
Vamos, Dr EcaterinaResearch Assistant
Professional Services Staff
Baird, Miss ElinorTechnician
Bell, Miss SarahTechnician
Cairns, Mr EdwardTechnician
Connell, Miss RowanTechnician0151 795 4551 Ext:4551
Davidson, Miss AmandaSenior Technician0151 795 6055 Ext:6055
Dewhurst, Miss AndreaResearch Technician
Foster, Mr TerryResearch Technician
Gill, Mr Thomas
Harper, Dr KarenTechnician0151 795 4551
Lukomski, Mr LukaszResearch Technician
Siozios, Dr StefanosTechnician0151 795 4528 Ext:54528
Tanianis-Hughes, Mrs JolantaTechnician
Thomas, Mrs CaroleDepartmental Administrator
Todd, Miss FloraTechnician
Walters, Mr HarriResearch Technician
White, Dr NicolaResearch Technician
Yiannakou, Miss EleftheriaTechnician
Yung, Mr CarlResearch Technician, Lab F, Biosciences Building0151 795 4528
Honorary Staff
Cagatay, Dr SenaHonorary Research Fellow
Parker, Em P GeoffFRS, Senior Honorary Fellow