Photo of Dr Michael Humann

Dr Michael Humann PhD, MSc

Course Coordinator & Training Facilitator HLS Education Directorate Professional Services


Personal Statement

Michael Humann works within the Centre for Educational Development & Support, part of the Faculty of Health and Life Science. He is also the is the training coordinator at the Critical and Major Incident (CAMI) Research Centre at the Department of Psychological Sciences.

His work focuses on designing, developing and delivering training using immersive simulated learning environments, aimed at improving critical incident decision making and developing expertise in policing and emergency response. He has developed various evaluation frameworks for a number of large-scale exercises (e.g. Report to Home Secretary on JESIP during Ex. Joint Endeavour; Evaluation Framework for European Commission & Cabinet Office during Ex. Unified Response; Inter/National evaluation framework for the UN’s Simulation & Training Network during the SimEx Series), with a view to capturing performance and recommendations more effectively. These have mostly focused on multi-agency coordination, communication and deployment, as well as casualty interaction and training impact review. Similarly, he also works on designing and developing practitioner-focused training events, emphasising the need to transfer evidence-based findings and recommendations from research effectively back into practice.

Beyond the areas of critical incident management and crisis response, he is also the educational director on the Pan-European Football Policing Training Project (PE-FPTP), designing and delivering training to police forces and partners across Europe within the context of international football matches and other sports events since 2012. He is was also involved in preparations for the EURO 2020 as part of the EPIC Project and, most recently, in preparatory work for the FIFA Qatar 2022 World Cup.