Photo of Prof Gregory Lip

Prof Gregory Lip MD FRCP (London Edinburgh Glasgow) DFM FACC FESC FEHRA

Price-Evans Chair of Cardiovascular Medicine, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom; Distinguished Professor, Aalborg University, Denmark Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease


Academic supervision/training and evaluation:

I have successfully supervised ~45 awarded higher degrees (MD/PhD/MPhil) since 1997 [12 theses since 2012]. I am currently supervising 6 students, with ongoing research or awaiting thesis submission.
I have established a global research training network providing new insights for multi-ethnic Birmingham. I regularly host & supervise overseas research fellows, incl. China, Japan, Poland, Italy, Spain, etc. Supervisees have returned to academic positions (including 4 Professors) in overseas countries.

As Distinguished Professor, Aalborg University, Denmark, I currently hold 2 joint programme grants & regularly teach on their postgraduate training programmes. Danish PhD students regularly rotate to my department for training, mutual-learning/collaborating with UK students.

I regularly act as evaluator for academic promotion applicants of national/international universities [multiple times eg. Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Athens, Israel (all 2012-)]. I was part of international expert panel for Heart & Stroke Foundation Canada endowed Chair renewal committee (2015).

I regularly act as examiner, nationally/internationally (under/postgraduate exams), a eg. Vienna (2013), Pisa (2014), Adelaide (2014), London (2016). I am a regular peer review for research grants from national/international funders, including research councils from various countries. I have been part of external peer review evaluation panels for research funding awards, with site evaluation visits to Mainz (2012) and Leuven (2016).

Other teaching and education initiatives:

I led the development of the European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA) AF patient education website []. Since 2013, translated into French/German/Spanish/Italian versions.
AF patient counselling/education methodology from my TREAT trial [PMID: 24040156] has been implemented into outpatient clinical services, & adopted by other units. This approach is ‘good practice example’ in NICE NOAC (new anticoagulants) Implementation Consensus (2014). With US collaborators, I helped develop an education/decision support tool, AF Guideline Support Tool (AFGuST), which improves quality-adjusted life expectancy for a primary care AF population [PMID:25205788]. This patient-tailored tool bridges the gap between guidelines & practice, facilitating shared decision making, with good results (PMID:25690491). Ongoing research now focuses on NHS implementation. Locally, I have been supporting GP leads from Clinical Commissioning Groups in disseminating programmes for bridging primary-secondary care AF management (2015-). This integrates primary-secondary care management pathways, esp. new anticoagulants for AF and venous thromboembolism with CCGs and Trust (2015). I have also been conducting up-skilling programme for local GPs on AF, in close collaborations with Clinical Commissioning Groups (2015-). This has linked in with the West Midlands Academic Health Sciences Network (2017-) and Public Health England, where I am AF specialist lead representing secondary care (2017).

I have advised/written for UpToDate [popular resource for teaching/education, updated 3x/year], Oxford Textbook of Medicine (AF and Hypertension chapters, 5th ed. 2015 and 6th ed 2017, includes MCQs) and ESC Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine (Part of ESC core curriculum for European cardiologists – Section Lead, new edition 2018) I have advised and written for BMJ Point of Care (2010-) and the Royal College of Physicians Map of Medicine (2010).