Pre-Purchase Examinations (Vettings)

Our vets are happy to carry out 5 and 2 stage Pre-Purchase Examinations (PPEs), otherwise known as Vettings, on horses you wish to purchase or for insurance purposes. We are only able to vet your prospective horse if the current owner is not a client of ours.

We follow the BEVA guidelines and are very thorough. Two stage PPEs usually take around an hour, whereas five stage PPEs can take up to two and a half hours.

For all vettings we will require the horse to have been standing in the stable or on the yard for a minimum of 90 minutes prior to examination. We will also require a hard, even surface for trotting up (as well as someone to trot the horse up) and a dark area for examining the horse's eyes. The horse's passport must be present at the time of vetting. For five stage vettings we will require someone to ride the horse and an area for ridden work. 

More information on Vettings is available from the BEVA Information Page and also in the BEVA & RCVS Guidance Notes on Pre-Purchase Examinations.

We will go out of our catchment area for vettings though there may be a charge for mileage. Please phone the office for more information on 0151 794 6199.