Equine Dental Exam

Routine care


We are available to offer advice on routine and specific worming problems. Specialist labs are on site to process and interpret faecal egg worm counts and tape worm blood tests. This allows treatment to be tailored to individual horses and yards to ensure drug resistance and worming costs are minimised.


Appointments for routine vaccinations (influenza and tetanus) are available during office hours to suit you. Other specific vaccinations are available on request eg herpes virus (EHV), rotavirus. Alternatively, you can bring your horse along to our routine care clinic to avoid a call out charge and chose a specific time to suit you. This is a good time to discuss any concerns you have with your horse which may include weight management or poor performance for example. 


Our vets are all trained in equine dentistry. We are happy to provide routine dental care on your yards. We can sedate your horse to ensure the best possible treatment with minimal trauma and distress to your horse. More complicated procedures such as tooth removal are best carried out at the clinic. If necessary we can use our links to the Equine Hospital to carry out advanced imaging techniques such as computer tomography (CT) to provide high resolution 3D-images of tooth roots so your horse can receive the best care. 

General Care

We work closely with other paraprofessionals such as registered farriers, dentists, chiropractors and physiotherapist to achieve the best care package for your horse.