Poor performance

We understand that poor performance problems in the horse can be a very frustrating dilemma. There can be many causes for this (for instance back pain, upper respiratory abnormalities, lameness and cardiac changes) and we offer a holistic approach to our investigations.

Thorough examinations of your horse can initially be carried out at the yard. Facilities at our clinic also allow for multiple diagnostic tests to be performed in a safe and controlled environment. These include endoscopy for gastric ulcers or upper respiratory tract assessment if your horse makes a noise at exercise.

We also have the facilities to endoscope your horse whilst ridden (dynamic endoscopy) so we can identify problems at specific times (for instance at fast work or when ridden in an outline). An easy to use portable Krusse ECG machine allows assessment of cardiac (heart) rhythm problems and to investigate possible causes of poor performance and collapse. A 24hr halter monitor can also be used to highlight issues that occur intermittently and abnormalities can be assessed with ultrasound investigations.