Dr Maryam Farahani PhD, MA (Literature), BA (Literature & Linguistics), MSc (Psychology), MA (Education Leadership & Management)

Research Associate English


Personal Statement

Up until my mid thirties, I continuously read languages, literature, linguistics, calligraphy, history, philosophy, education, and psychology. I am passionately interested in the concept of “learning” from a “multimedial stance”. In recent years, I am more involved in work across healthcare management and narratology, contributing to a number of co-edited book projects, reading further into narrative representations of pain. Practical experience of working in the NHS England management teams has meant that in addition to my academic research, I am constantly reading about policies surrounding patient and community care. While strictly focused methodological teaching and learning is of significant importance in humanities, I find multi-speciality and narrative-based approaches equally fascinating and often more effective in my work.

My core literary research speciality is verse narratives of C19th to C21st writers. I also have research interests in medical histories and narratives of the Romantic period informed by philosophical debates. I have secondary interest in prose, particularly works concerned with compositionality from an auto/biographical and/or reconstructive-fictive standpoint. I continue to pursue my interests particularly in philosophy, cognition, and narratology with a focus on how content, structure, and practice are informed by wider socio-historical factors.

Other Personal Distinctions

  • Formal peer reviewer for Anthem Press (Publisher invitation , 2019)