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Dr Greg Lynall

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    Personal Statement

    My main field of research interest is the relationship between literature, science and technology, particularly in the eighteenth century. My book Swift and Science (2012) explores how literature, and particularly satire, can be an active and unique participant in debates about enquiries into nature. As a post-doctoral research fellow I worked on the Cambridge University Press edition of Swift's A Tale of a Tub (2010) with Professor Marcus Walsh. I am currently writing a cultural history of solar energy and a political biography of the eighteenth-century physician, mathematician and satirist Dr John Arbuthnot. I am also developing research projects concerning the literature of eighteenth-century Liverpool. I would especially welcome enquiries regarding postgraduate study of: literature, science, technology and the environment; the long eighteenth century; Liverpool writing.

    Personal Distinctions

    • ‘Why all scientists should read Gulliver’s Travels’ public lecture (Invitation to Speak, British Science Festival, Brighton 2017)
    • ‘Swift among the Scientists, ad infinitum’ symposium paper (Invitation to Speak, Seventh Münster Symposium on Jonathan Swift, Münster, Germany 2017)
    • Research Fellowship (Competitive Fellowship, Leverhulme Trust 2016)
    • 'Trivial Pursuits in Literature and Science', The Athenaeum annual public lecture (Keynote Speech, The Athenaeum, Liverpool 2016)
    • ‘Solar energy in literature and culture’ lecture (Keynote Speech, EPSRC ‘Fundamentals of New and Sustainable Photovoltaics’ doctoral training course, Stephenson Institute for Renewable Energy 2015)
    • ‘The Pen is mightier than the Laser? The Power of Light in Literature, Art and Culture’ public lecture (Invitation to Speak, LightFest, Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies/ Library of Birmingham 2015)
    • ‘Technologies of the Sun’ public lecture (Invitation to Speak, ‘On Light’ event, Wellcome Collection 2015)
    • Contributor to discussion about Poetry and Light (Invitation to Speak, Radio 3, 'Free Thinking' 2015)
    • 'Solar Technologies in Early-Modern Literature and Science’ research paper (Invitation to Speak, English research seminar, Liverpool Hope University 2015)
    • ‘Beaming across Literature, Science and Technology’ methodologies paper (Invitation to Speak, ESRC ‘Enhancing Interdisciplinarity’ seminar series 2015)
    • ‘Newton’s F―t, Joe’s throat, and Scriblerian projections of longitude’ public lecture (Invitation to Speak, The Board of Longitude Tercentennial Conference, National Maritime Museum 2014)
    • ‘Burning for the Truth: Early Modern Solar Technologies in Science, Satire and Myth’ research talk (Invitation to Speak, North West Early Modern Seminar 2014)
    • ‘Technologies of the Sun' Ignite talk (Invitation to Speak, AHRC/ Natural History Museum 2014)
    • ‘How to think about literature and science’ research methodologies lecture (Invitation to Speak, ESRC ‘engage@liverpool’ series 2014)
    • Richard H. Rodino Prize (Prize, The Ehrenpreis Center for Swift Studies 2013)
    • Shortlisted for BSLS Book Prize 2013 (Prize, British Society for Literature and Science 2013)
    • Royal Society public history of science lecture on Gulliver's Travels (Invitation to Speak, Royal Society 2013)

    Administrative Roles

    • Associate Dean for Research, School of the Arts
    • Impact Lead for English
    • Co-director, Literature & Science Hub
    • Lead for ‘Literature, Science and Environment’ research cluster
    • Steering Committee member, Eighteenth-Century Worlds research centre

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