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Sub-sampling software from SenseAI speeds up electron microscopy by up to 100x. SenseAI partners with Quantum Detectors to launch at M&M 2023!

SenseAI is an offshoot company from the University of Liverpool and has announced the launch of its flagship software, a sub-sampling solution that can be used with any individual scanned image or analysis method.

Sub-sampling software from SenseAI speeds up electron microscopy by up to 100x. SenseAI partners with Quantum Detectors to launch at M&M 2023!

SenseAI, the ‘compressive sensing’ software provider, has announced the launch of its flagship software at Microscopy & Microanalysis in Minneapolis July 23-27, 2023. SenseAI is an offshoot of the University of Liverpool in the United Kingdom, a global leader in analytical techniques, particularly for enhanced and automated sensing.

Quantum Detectors Ltd, a preeminent provider of direct detectors for electron microscopy, is partnering with SenseAI to co-launch the first of its kind product also called ‘SenseAI’. The software works seamlessly with Quantum Detectors’ Scan Engine and cameras to provide the user a first-class experience. This partnership enables SenseAI’s software to be implemented on any brand of microscope using the Quantum Detectors Scan Engine. Overall performance is being tested by the world’s leading microscope facilities.

SenseAI’s combined sub-sampling solution can be used with any individual scanned imaging and/or analysis method. The package can be applied to all forms of Electron Microscopy including routine SEM, and STEM. It also works for imaging, FIB-SEM, 4D STEM and ptychography, EBSD, EDS, and EELS. The major advances in speed and sensitivity arise from the integration of results from multiple methods leading to a video rate single analytical solution applicable to samples from across the physical, engineering, biological, and medical sciences.

 “The best researchers and scientists are pushing their research and sensing equipment to ever-new heights, with more capability required from them, and ever-increasing datasets in size and scope. Sub-sampling is a technique that has forever been in the minds of scientists as a way to speed up their equipment and reduce the intensity of the beam to analyse even more delicate samples. SenseAI is the first company we’ve seen to put that theory into practice. We are delighted to launch this capability at the Microscopy & Microanalysis 2023 conference with them; and we believe this is truly transformational for the industry” said Roger Goldsbrough, CEO of Quantum Detectors Ltd.

 “We are delighted to be partnering with Quantum Detectors and excited about our forthcoming launch. Our partnership with them enables literally anyone in the electron microscopy world with any machine, any brand, any age, to exploit the maximum capability out of it, new or retrofit.” said Dan Somers, CEO of SenseAI.

Co-founder and CSO of SenseAI, Professor Nigel Browning, added “SenseAI’s complete acquisition and processing software package is the culmination of decades of academic research into overcoming the speed and beam damage limitations of state-of-the-art electron microscopy. A key part of SenseAI’s innovation is the multiple frames per second image reconstruction speed that overcomes many of the practical barriers to microscope usage - taking complete solutions from the current days or weeks or months to real-time during a single active microscope session. I am looking forward to SenseAI’s vision of democratising microscopy access and use; and making analysis quicker and easier for everyone.”

SenseAI’s software will be in beta release at M&M 2023 on Quantum Detectors booth #1031.

About SenseAI

SenseAI is a provider of a software platform created by data science researchers and analytical scientists at the University of Liverpool in the United Kingdom. It encompasses many years of academic research into algorithms that enable rapid compressive sensing and automation for imaging applications, from electron microscopy to X-rays, MRI and many more.

About Quantum Detectors

Quantum Detectors Ltd develop novel detector technology and readout systems for electron microscopy and synchrotron research. We believe that access to the best detection technology should be the fuel behind scientific discovery, not the barrier. We will democratise cutting edge detection technologies and the skills to use them by working closely with world leading scientists and scientific facilities.


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