Supporting clinical research and training

The Clinical Directorate aligns the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences with the NHS by supporting the development of priority research areas, enhancing clinical academic training and streamlining functional activities that deliver world-leading clinical research.

Careers Group of doctors standing talking and looking at an iPad


The Clinical Academic Office within the Directorate oversees clinical academic training, honorary clinical appointments and HR issues relating to clinical contracts.

Clinical trials Doctor sitting talking to a patient on a hospital bed

Clinical trials

Information about developing and running clinical studies, from engagement with the Liverpool Clinical Trials Centre through to grant applications and governance (sponsorship and human material oversight).

Biobanking Scientist putting samples in a freezer


The Liverpool University Biobank provides a range of services, including the hosting of collections, sample collection and processing, access to archival collections and LIMS management. A range of histology services for formalin fixed and cryo-preserved tissue are also available.