Photo of Dr Rosa Urbano Gutierrez

Dr Rosa Urbano Gutierrez BArch, MArch, MDesS, PhD

Reader in Architecture Architecture


    MArch Programme

    As MArch Director of Studies since July 2019, I have implemented a new vision, with updates in design and curriculum review in all 12 modules. Key aspects of the new approach are:

    a] Student driven programme, where students have more freedom to form their own path based on their own interests.

    b] Closer connection between the school’s research areas and design, which means:

    . Introduction of research-by-design processes in the curriculum, via seminars, workshops and thematic strands.
    . Higher involvement of active research groups within the school, guiding these processes.
    . More diverse offer of seminars and workshops to develop skills that we don’t currently provide in the curriculum. Workshops delivered by invited professional specialists, in topics such as anthropology; GIS cartographies and data visualisation; intermedia installations; visual arts (film, photography, VR..); climate change, natural simulations/landscape urbanism; North West emergencies and working with our communities; or phenomenology, perception, movement and performance.
    . Access to experimental processes, more opportunities to test design operations and develop design methodologies, and freedom to produce outcomes in a higher diversity of formats.
    . Opportunity to work on live projects and participate in international competitions/contests.

    c] The programme intends to provide a more logical, continuous sequence, in which all modules are interconnected, there is no redundant content and there is more time/space for design.

    d] Each module has a clearer identity and meaning in relation to contents and skills development, in accordance with RIBA/ARB criteria.

    e] Optimisation of courses on offer by connecting MArch with PGT programmes.

    Find out more about the MArch Programme and design work produced by our most recent MArch4 and MArch5 students.

    Modules for 2022-23


    Module code: ARCH521

    Role: Teaching

    Exchange Studies (Overseas) 3

    Module code: ARCH523

    Role: Teaching

    Humanities and Research Methods

    Module code: ARCH480

    Role: Teaching

    Research by Design Studies

    Module code: ARCH520

    Role: Teaching

    Thesis Design

    Module code: ARCH522

    Role: Teaching

    Thesis Sustainability and Equity Report

    Module code: ARCH524

    Role: Teaching