Photo of Dr Christina Malathouni

Dr Christina Malathouni DipArch MSc PhD PGCert IHBC FHEA

Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) Architecture


Selected Publications

  1. Public Mental Health Facilities in Post-War Britain 1948-1973 (Book - 2025)
  2. ‘In line with the modern conception of much mental illness’: psychiatric reforms and architectural design contributions in post-war England (Journal article - 2023)
  3. “The general atmosphere of this admission unit is reassuring and optimistic”. Modernism, architectural research and evolving psychiatric reforms in post-war England (Chapter - 2021)
  4. Beyond the asylum and before the ‘care in the community’ model: exploring an overlooked early NHS mental health facility (Journal article - 2020)
  5. Preston Bus Station: architectural history, politics and democracy in a post-World War II designation saga (Journal article - 2018)
  6. Architecture is the pattern of human mind in space: Claude F. Bragdon and the spatial concept of architecture (Journal article - 2013)
  7. From Models to Drawings (Chapter - 2013)
  8. Claude Bragdon Reads Arthur Schopenhauer: 'architecture is in space alone' (Chapter - 2010)
  9. “Higher” Being and “Higher” Drawing: Claude Bragdon’s “fourth dimension” and the use of computer technology in design (Conference Paper - 2005)