Prof Sarah Coupland MBBS, PhD, FRCPath, FARVO, FSB

George Holt Chair in Pathology, Honorary Consultant Histopathologist Molecular and Clinical Cancer Medicine


Personal Distinctions

  • Keynote lecture (Keynote Speech, European Association in Vision and Eye Research (EVER) 2009)
  • Poster prize: Multiplex ligation dependent amplification (MLPA) analysis of uveal melanoma (Prize, Royal Society of Pathology Winter Meeting 2009)
  • Invited lecture: Conjunctival MALT lymphomas (Invitation to Speak, European Association in Vision and Eye Research 2008)
  • Invited lecture: New insights into ocular lymphoma (Invitation to Speak, Institute for Cancer Research 2008)
  • Invited lecture: Molecular genetics of uveal melanoma (Invitation to Speak, Institute for Cancer Research 2008)
  • Keynote lecture: Molecular biology of intraocular lymphoma (Keynote Speech, Practical Ophtalmopathologie (POP) Group 2008)
  • Invited lecture: Molecular Pathology of Intraocular Lymphomas (Invitation to Speak, American Association of Ophthalmic Pathology 2008)
  • Invited lecture: Ocular Melanoma: the Liverpool experience in the clinical relevance of molecular ge (Invitation to Speak, University of Essen 2008)
  • Invited lecture: TNM-based staging system for ocular adnexal lymphomas (Invitation to Speak, American Academy of Ophthalmology 2008)
  • Invited lecture: Ocular lymphomas (Invitation to Speak, Royal College of Ophthalmology Annual Congress 2008)
  • Invited lecture: Conjunctival lymphomas (Keynote Speech, Bowman’s Club Society Meeting 2008)
  • Invited lecture: Overview of molecular genetic techniques used on intraocular biopsies (Invitation to Speak, European Association in Vision and Eye Research (EVER) 2008)
  • Invited lecture: Cell cycle markers and lymphomas (Invitation to Speak, Deutsche Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft 2008)
  • Keynore lecture: Intraocular lymphomas (Keynote Speech, XXXVI Jahrestagung der Deutschesprachigen Ophthalmopathologen 2008)
  • Invited lecture: Conjunctival lymphomas (Invitation to Speak, World Ophthalmology Congress 2008)
  • Invited lecture: New Insights into intraocular lymphomas (Invitation to Speak, Festschrift for Dr Didi de Wolff Rouendahl, Leiden University 2008)
  • Invitation to Speak/Course Organiser: European Association in Vision and Research (Invitation to Speak, Tero Kivela 2007)
  • Invited Speaker: Cambridge Ophthalmological Symposium (Invitation to Speak, Mr Martin Snead 2007)
  • Invited Speaker, Royal College of Ophthalmologists (Invitation to Speak, Royal College of Ophthalmologists 2007)
  • Invited Speaker: ARVO Florida (Invitation to Speak, Dr Valerie White 2007)
  • Invitation to speak: University of Toronto (Invitation to Speak, University of Toronto 2007)
  • Invited Speaker: International Ocular Inflammation Society Meeting (Invitation to Speak, Professor Narsing Rao 2007)
  • Invited speaker: British and Irish Eye Study Group (Invitation to Speak, Prof. Simon Harding 2007)
  • Invited speaker: International Ocular Inflammation Society (Invitation to Speak, Dr Daniel Briscoe 2007)
  • Invited speaker: International Society of Ophthalmology/American Academy of Ophthalmology (Invitation to Speak, Prof. Jan Prause 2007)
  • Poster Prize: Sir Alastair Currie (Prize, The Royal Society of Pathology 2007)
  • Invited Speaker: The Merseyside, Cheshire & North Wales Lymphoma Forum (Invitation to Speak, Porf. Andrew Pettitt 2007)
  • Invited speaker: Ocular Oncology Group/EORTC Melanoma Group (Invitation to Speak, Pr Laurence Desjardins 2007)
  • Invited speaker: Pan-American Ophthalmological Society Meeting (Invitation to Speak, Dr Martine Jager 2007)
  • Member of the Ocular Tumour Task Force for AJCC/TNM Classification (Invitation to Perform, Prof. Paul FInger 2006)
  • Invited Speaker: Opthalmology Teaching Merseyside, St. Pauls Eye Unit, Liverpool (Invitation to Speak, PD Dr med. Heinrich Heimann 2006)
  • Invited Speaker: Ophthalmology Teaching, Univ. Glasgow (Invitation to Speak, Dr Fiona Roberts 2006)
  • Invited speaker: Deutsche Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft (Invitation to Speak, Prof. M. Zierhut 2006)
  • Invited Speaker: Univ. of Nijmegen (Invitation to Speak, Dept. of Pathology, Univ. of Nijmegen 2006)

Administrative Roles

  • Disability Support Officer for the School of Cancer Studies

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