Professor Warwick Dunn BSc, PhD, FHEA, FRSC

Professor of Analytical and Clinical Metabolomics Biochemistry, Cell and Systems Biology


    Research Overview

    The Analytical and Clinical Metabolomics Group (ACMG) has six core objectives focused on metabolism research, analytical chemistry and metabolomics.
    1. Development and validation of innovative untargeted and semi-targeted UHPLC-MS assays which provide broad coverage of human metabolomes and which allow reproducible data collection for small and large studies
    2. Development and validation of targeted UHPLC-MS assays for application in metabolism studies
    3. Development and validation of innovative analytical chemistry assays and computational resources for the annotation or identification of metabolites in untargeted and semi-targeted assays
    4. New approaches to sample collection away from the clinic including dried blood spots
    5. The study of metabolism in humans across the life course and related to human ageing and disease
    6. The study of metabolism in healthy humans during dietary or exercise interventions and in relation to circadian rhythms and their dysregulation