Photo of Dr Valentina Iorio

Dr Valentina Iorio PhD

Technical Supervisor SMIB Professional Services


    Personal Statement

    After my MSc in Pharmaceutil Biotechnology from University of Siena (Italy) and the Radboud University Nijmegen (The Netherlands), I moved to the University of Liverpool to start a PhD in Molecular Biology. I worked in Dr. Kevin Hamill’s group in the Department of Eye and Vision Science, studying the role of LaNt a31 (a laminin-derived protein) in corneal epithelia.

    After finishing my time in the lab in October 2016, I started working in the Science Lab of Abbey Gate College (Chester) while writing up my thesis. I completed my PhD in July 2017 and left the College’s Science Lab in March 2018, after a fantastic work experience, which taught me a lot. By that time I was ready to come back in the University environment, which I have always loved, and I wanted a new challenge for myself. I started this post in April 2018.

    Specific area of focus:

    As a Technician, I provide high quality core technical support in particular for cell culture activities and bacterial work across multiple research groups, and ensure the operation of a safe research environment using good working practices.

    When required, I have a supporting role in the provision of training and day-to-day supervision of undergraduate students carrying out mammalian cell culture in the Institute, as well as work experience students, visitors etc.

    My job also involves assistance in the completion of risk assessment forms and other relevant documentation, providing instruction and advice in accordance with legal and local requirements.

    Areas of expertise:

    Cell culture techniques
    Bacterial work, including bacterial growth, transformation, maxi and mini preps
    Western blots
    Protein purification
    Agarose gel electrophoresis
    DNA purification from gels
    DNA cloning