Professor Reecha Sofat

Breckenridge Chair of Clinical Pharmacology and Head of the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics Pharmacology & Therapeutics


Personal Statement

Professor Sofat is a clinical pharmacologist who joined the University of Liverpool in 2022. Her research involves embedding research into routine clinical care with a focus on making and using medicines better. A current focus is leveraging data to understand disease and consequently, drug development and use of medicines – including genomic, multi-omic and real world data. As well as using publicly available resources, Reecha develops methods to create custom disease cohorts as well as investigating individualised treatment strategies. Reecha also chairs local and regional medicines committees, teaches pharmacology and therapeutics and delivers evidence-based medicines practice.

Reecha is Vice President (Clinical) of the British Pharmacological Society, as well as an Associate Director for the British Heart Foundation Data Science Centre and the Enhancing Cohorts Thematic lead.