Photo of Em P Philip Rudland

Em P Philip Rudland MA, PhD, FRCPath, FIBiol, FRSA

Chair Biochemistry, Cell and Systems Biology


    Selected Publications

    1. Metastasis-inducing proteins are widely expressed in human brain metastases and associated with intracranial progression and radiation response (Journal article - 2016)
    2. S100A4 Elevation Empowers Expression of Metastasis Effector Molecules in Human Breast Cancer. (Journal article - 2016)
    3. Joining S100 proteins and migration: for better or for worse, in sickness and in health (Journal article - 2014)
    4. S100P Dissociates Myosin IIA Filaments and Focal Adhesion Sites to Reduce Cell Adhesion and Enhance Cell Migration (Journal article - 2012)
    5. Significance of the Fanconi Anemia FANCD2 Protein in Sporadic and Metastatic Human Breast Cancer (Journal article - 2010)