Photo of Em P Mark Caddick

Em P Mark Caddick BSc. PhD.

Professor Biochemistry, Cell and Systems Biology


    Personal Statement

    Our current work is focused on the mechanisms of regulated transcript degradation and the link between translation and the modification of RNA, which involves the addition of a short pyrimidine tags to the transcripts. This tag marks transcripts for silencing, triggering a shift in their subcellular localisation and promoting rapid degradation. Additional interest include: whole transcriptome sequencing to define the functional genome; nitrogen metabolism and its regulation; the application of comparative genomics to decipher the regulatory code.

    Prizes or Honours

    • EUROFUNG executive committee member (EUROFUNGBASE consortium, 2010)
    • Member of Aspergillus genomic tools working group (Aspergillus Genomes Research Policy Committee , 2005)
    • Member of Aspegillus niger annotation team - heading transcription factor analysis (DSM , 2005)
    • Member of Aspergillus Genome Annotation - to head signalling and transcription (Genome consortimu including TIGR & Sanger center/, 2003)