Photo of Professor Luciane Vieira de Mello

Professor Luciane Vieira de Mello (Lu Mello) publishing as Mello, LV

Director of Internationalisation & PGT , Professor of Bioscience Education School of Life Sciences


Internationalisation and employability

I am currently working on a project that aims to evaluate students’ perception on the impact of the internship on their skills development (personal and employability); and their view on the types of assessments used in the module. Those were set in order to challenge the students to think broadly about their internship experience.

This study has two research questions:
-Has the internship provided the students with opportunity to further develop personal and employability skills?
-Has the assessments in the module allowed students to further reflect on and evaluate their internship experience?


This research aims to evaluate to what extent do student-staff partnership and peer-learning opportunities contribute to student learning and employability. This study, working in collaboration with postgraduate students intend to act as an additional support to students taking part in a postgraduate bioinformatics module, with the aim that previous students working in partnership with staff would help to enhance the learning of current students in a peer-facilitation role. This experience can also be considered to be a valuable part of the doctoral training in light of the focus of UK research councils on developing transferable skills, including teaching, among doctoral students enhancing their employability..

Research Collaborations

Dr Daniel J Rigden


Protein molecular analysis.

Dr Susanne Voelkel


Two different projects:
1. Self directed learning (SDL) and the use of online resources to help with it. I am currently collecting quantitative and qualitative data on the impact of online resources on SDL (Project title: "Podcast and online formative assessment supporting the student learning experience in a diverse cohort", as PI. Project funded by the e-learning Steering Group, UoL).
2.I am also currently collecting quantitative and qualitative data on how the use of audio feedback can improve student learning through feedback (Project title: "Using audio recordings to enhance feedback to students (Audio feedback)". Project funded by the e-learning Steering Group, UoL).