Dr Leonard Daly BSc

Research Associate Biochemistry, Cell and Systems Biology


    Personal Statement

    I graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2015 with a BSc in Biochemistry. For my undergraduate dissertation I worked on a lab based research project attempting to determine the mutational frequency, and possible DNA repair enzymes, of the DNA lesion 8-nitroguanine.

    I completed my PhD in 2019. I used a mass spectrometry approach to identify the post translational modifications and binding partners that regulate the ‘hypoxia induced factor’ (HIF) proteins, which are involved with the adaption to low oxygen (hypoxic) conditions.

    As a PDRA, I am using mass spectrometry to identify proteins that experience sulphation as a post translational modification, alongside the modifications specific site within the protein. Once identified, I will investigate the role that post translation sulphation plays in protein regulation.