Photo of Dr Justine Grixti

Dr Justine Grixti

Research Associate Biochemistry, Cell and Systems Biology


Personal Statement

I am originally from Malta, read for my PhD with Prof Kell at the University of Manchester. Moved to the vibrant city of Liverpool in 2019, joining the wonderful team at the Biosciences Building, where I am now a senior post-doc (2023). Our research group focuses on determining which transporters are used by drugs and other substrates to enter and exit the cells, comparing proteomic expression profiles of cell lines, and their rate of uptake of substances from human serum, culture media, and other uptake buffers supplemented with compounds or drugs. Since the pandemic, one of our main research is Long-COVID, studying fibrin amyloid microclots using automated fluorescence microscopy, and how these cause the wide range of symptoms observed in Long-COVID and ME/CSF patients. I am also the site PI for a Long-COVID service set up with our clinical collaborators at Howell Medical Group.

I have worked within the pharmaceutical and private sectors, but nothing compares to academia and being part of such an exciting and innovative research project!

Key words: #fixedterm drug discovery, long-covid, microscopy, mammalian cells