Photo of Dr Ishwar Singh

Dr Ishwar Singh MSc, MPhil, Ph.D. MRSC

Reader Pharmacology & Therapeutics


    Research Overview

    The Antimicrobial Drug Discovery and Development group is lead by Dr Ishwar Singh.
    He leads many ground-breaking research programmes focused on AMR. He has made notable seminal contributions to AMR such as the first highly efficient synthesis and provision of simplified teixobactin analogues (a new class of antibiotics). He led a significant breakthrough in simplified design and efficient synthesis of highly potent teixobactin analogues and their application in the first successful treatment of mice against resistant bacterial infections. His ground-breaking research, focussing on a key priority for antimicrobial resistance, has featured on tv, radio, newspaper and electronic media globally.

    “We aspire to bring new hope to improve and save lives currently lost due to antimicrobial resistance. We aim to achieve this by discovering and developing innovative molecules to refresh the AMR pipeline and provide new therapeutic options to tackle antimicrobial resistance.”

    We have a number of pioneering research programmes focused on Antimicrobial drug discovery and development to address current health challenges such as AMR.
    Our programmes of research cover medicinal chemistry, biological chemistry, and microbiology. Some examples are

    Synthetic teixobactins platform to tackle multi-drug resistant bacterial infections

    Peptides: design and synthesis for different biological applications

    Discovery and Development of new antifungals

    Discovery and Development of new antivirals

    Design and synthesis of new scaffolds of antimicrobials from Nature (natural products)

    Designer small molecules and drug delivery systems

    We have self-funded PhD positions available, and please get in touch if you are interested: visit for details

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