Photo of Dr Elliott Stollar

Dr Elliott Stollar

Programme Director - BSc Biochemistry School of Life Sciences


    Protein-protein binding specificity

    How do the correct protein binding partners in cell signalling pathways identify each other against the background of numerous similar molecules present in the biological milieu? In order to answer this question we make predictions using bioinformatics and test them using protein biochemistry, biophysics and structural biology. We focus on yeast protein interaction domain families to include SH3 domains, WW domains and C2 domains to understand the molecular basis of protein-protein binding specificity and how cross-talk is avoided.

    Student success in the research lab

    Can collaboration across diverse disciplines to increase digital technology use in scientific training and research be an effective, long lasting tool for student research and result in improved student learning outcomes? As such, I seek to study the use of electronic lab notebooks, student produced laboratory protocols, training videos, customised modular data analysis programs, research guides, lab databases, and shared scientific literature in an easily accessible cloud storage system to help students quickly learn how to perform productive laboratory research.