Professor Dean Naisbitt BSc, PhD

Professor Pharmacology & Therapeutics


    Personal Statement

    I am currently employed as a Senior Lecturer in the MRC funded Centre for Drug Safety Science at the University of Liverpool. The main focus of my research group is investigation and definition of the relationship between the chemistry of antigen formation and the mechanisms by which this leads to an aberrant T-cell-mediated immune response in man. My research group is composed of 2 post-doctoral research fellows, 6 PhD students and 1 research technician. The research carried out in my laboratory adds an extra dimension to the on-going research in the Centre for Drug Safety Science, which is directed by Professor B. Kevin Park.
    Key Achievements

    • Position Held – Professor of Drug Safety Science, The University of Liverpool
    • Research Group – 4 post-doctoral research fellow, 8 PhD students, 3 research technicians
    • Research Areas – (1) Investigation of the cellular mechanisms of hypersensitivity reactions to drugs and chemicals. (2) Definition of the mechanism(s) by which drugs interact with immune cells. (3) Evaluation of the safety of vaccines. (4) Evaluation of the immunogenicity of new modality drugs.
    Published over 200 peer-reviewed articles in international recognized journals including Hepatology, The Journal of Immunology, Allergy and Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
    • Prizes – Awarded 13 prizes for achievements in research and academia, including, the British Toxicology Society Young Investigator award, the British Pharmacological Society Bill Bowman Travelling Lectureship and the ISSX New Investigator Award.
    • Invitations to speak – Invited to present research at over 100 national or international meetings

    Prizes or Honours

    • BPS Novartis prize in Pharmacology (British Pharmacology Society, 2012)
    • Chemical Research in Toxicology Young Investigator Award (the ACS Publications journal Chemical Research in Toxicology in collaboration with the ACS Division of Chemical Toxicology, 2011)
    • The ISSX European New Investigator Award & the ESBP Founders Lecture in Honour of Karl Netter (ISSX, 2009)
    • Bill Bowman Travelling Lecturer (British Pharmacological Society , 2005)

    Funded Fellowships

    • Nomination for Fellowship of Society (British Pharmacology Society, 2012)