Photo of Dr David Dickens

Dr David Dickens

Lecturer Pharmacology & Therapeutics


Personal Statement

I am Lecturer in the Department of Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Liverpool. The focus of my research group is on blood-brain barrier transporters. This means my research lies at the interface of drug transporters, blood-brain barrier (BBB) biology and molecular properties that determine the mechanism of transporter action.

During my career I have developed skills in biochemistry, molecular cell biology, drug transporter pharmacology and in vitro models of the BBB. My recent novel findings include identifying lamotrigine as a substrate for OCT1, determining that ABT-263 is a P-glycoprotein substrate, characterising gabapentin as a LAT1 substrate and defining LAT1s interaction with cholesterol.

The BBB is considered a significant bottleneck to the development of new CNS treatments with the additional challenge of disease specific effects. With my broad base of skills I feel that I am well equipped for the opportunities that are available in this exciting field of research.