Photo of Professor Dan Rigden

Professor Dan Rigden BA, PhD

Professor of Protein Bioinformatics Biochemistry & Systems Biology


    Personal Statement

    I am Professor of Protein Bioinformatics in the Institute of Integrative Biology. My interests span the broad relationships between protein sequences, structures and functions and how these evolve with time. As such, I apply a wide range of bioinformatics tools to diverse proteins of interest. This leads to interesting collaborations across the Institute and more broadly. A current prime interest is solution of crystal structures by Molecular Replacement using unconventional protein models. This has been implemented in our program AMPLE (, available as part of the CCP4 suite ( We are also interested more generally in translating protein bioinformatics developments eg evolutionary covariance into methods that benefit structural biologists.

    Positions are available for PhD study in protein structure-function-evolution and crystallographic methods. If you are in receipt of sponsorship, please contact me to discuss opportunities and projects.