Photo of Dr Carrie Duckworth

Dr Carrie Duckworth PhD (Liverpool) MA Hons (Cantab)

Lecturer Molecular & Clinical Cancer Medicine


Selected Publications

  1. A mouse model of pathological small intestinal epithelial cell apoptosis and shedding induced by systemic administration of lipopolysaccharide (Journal article - 2013)
  2. Progastrin-Induced Secretion of Insulin-Like Growth Factor 2 From Colonic Myofibroblasts Stimulates Colonic Epithelial Proliferation in Mice (Journal article - 2013)
  3. Suppression of Apoptosis, Crypt Hyperplasia, and Altered Differentiation in the Colonic Epithelia of <i>Bak</i>-Null Mice (Journal article - 2009)
  4. NF-kappaB1, NF-kappaB2 and c-Rel differentially regulate susceptibility to colitis-associated adenoma development in C57BL/6 mice (Journal article - 2015)
  5. Towards better models and mechanistic biomarkers for drug-induced gastrointestinal injury (Journal article - 2017)