Photo of Mrs Angela Platt-Higgins

Mrs Angela Platt-Higgins BSc (Hons) FIMLS

Professional Specialist Liverpool Shared Research Facilities


    Personal Statement

    I am a Biochemistry (Hons) graduate with a Fellowship in Medical Laboratory Sciences (Cellular Pathology, Applied Histology). Here in the Institute of Integrative Biology I manage and run the Histopathology Laboratory. I am responsible for the maintenance of all stocks and equipment relating to histology, and also the tissue archive, required for existing and proposed work within the School. I actively liaise with other Departments and train staff and students in histological & immunohistochemical techniques; preparing and processing surgical materials, as well as tissues and cultured cells. I have a special interest in Metastasis-Inducing Proteins (MIPs) and their role in the early demise of breast cancer patients.