Professor Andrew Owen PhD FRSB FLSW FBPhS

Professor Pharmacology & Therapeutics


Personal Statement

Andrew Owen is a Director of the Centre of Excellence in Long-acting Therapeutics (CELT) at the University of Liverpool. He is principal investigator for LONGEVITY, an international project funded by Unitaid that aims to translate long-acting medicines for malaria, tuberculosis, and Hepatitis C Virus. Andrew also leads a modelling and simulation core and sits on the executive group for the NIH-funded Long-acting/Extended-release Antiretroviral resource Program (LEAP). He is a Director and CSO for Tandem Nano Ltd. and co-inventor of patents relating to drug delivery. Since March 2020, he has been intensively engaged in evaluation of SARS-CoV-2 antiviral candidates. He is a member of the Trial Management Group for the AGILE National phase I/IIa COVID-19 trial platform, and sits on the UK COVID-19 Therapeutics Advisory Panel (CTAP) antiviral and prophylaxis subgroups.