City campus

The University's city campus sits at the very heart of Liverpool’s Knowledge Quarter, enabling people to come together, share knowledge and innovate. We are committed to creating a community for its stakeholders, which operates in a manner that is environmentally sustainable, economically feasible and socially responsible.

Sustainability features accross the University city campus

  • BREEAM Excellent new buildings, e.g. Management School, Central Teaching Hub, Vine Court
  • Solar Photovoltaic Panels (PV) on the Electrical Engineering and Electronics and Foundation Buildings
  • Solar Photovoltaic Panels (PV) on student accommodation at Dover Court
  • Solar heat and power generation in the Foundation building, Electrical Engineering, Management School, Dover Court and Vine Court
  • Ultra-low energy LED lighting replacement schemes at Biosciences, Sydney Jones Library and the Sports Centre with plans for many more
  • 700+ mature trees covering a significant part of the campus helping to create a green public realm
  • Green and brown roofs, providing environmentally friendly habitats for local flora and fauna
  • Built-in nest boxes for swifts and bats, integrated into external brickwork of buildings
  • Rain water harvesting on student accommodation, e.g. Vine Court
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system maximising efficient energy use and minimising carbon footprint
  • Sequencing controls added to improve efficiency of standby boilers in main campus Energy Centre 
  • Exposed concrete surfaces providing thermal mass to improve energy efficiency
  • Passive ventilation, solar shading, low velocity air distribution, chilled beams, high floor to ceiling heights to maximise day lighting, use of heat and power from a campus Energy Centre
  • Roof Garden for growing fruit and vegetables, herb wall, beekeeping and upcycled furniture at the Guild.

The Masterplan Estate Strategy 2026+ reviews and rationalises the University estate through a combination of aims related to quality, efficiency, functional suitability and sustainability. All new builds aim to achieve BREEAM Excellent standards for sustainable construction.

For further information, visit ongoing projects and completed projects.

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