Energy and carbon

Our ambition is to be a climate-resilient campus and to achieve net zero carbon by 2035. This means we aim to have minimal negative and maximum positive environmental impact.

We monitor energy and carbon across the entire University as part of our Climate plan. Tracking our progress supports our Sustainability Strategy and Strategy2026 net zero carbon targets.

The Energy team, Sustainability team, the University of Liverpool Energy Company (ULEC) and the Climate Action Group work together to develop a series of initiatives and interventions for improving energy efficiency around the University.

The Green Recovery with Clarke Energy at the University's Energy Centre

The University of Liverpool generates up to 90% of its campuses electricity needs on site in the Energy Centre, through CHP. In this video, Rachael Hanmer-Dwight from the University's Energy team discusses our Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Energy Centre and Heat Network with Clarke Energy.