Staff Development opportunities

The University provides a range of opportunities for staff to develop their understanding of sustainability and climate and ecological change, and how to implement sustainable practice into their roles at the University and beyond.

This includes a range of resources and support, including staff guidance, online courses, events and workshops. The sustainability team work with departments and teams across the University to provide bespoke support on how staff can make their actions in work more sustainable. For more information, email

Sustainability training module

All staff have access to the Sustainability and Climate Change module on Canvas. This module provides an understanding of climate change and explores sustainability from a triple bottom line approach, considering people, planet, and profit. The module explains why sustainability matters and how it can be brought into the workplace, making positive changes to our university. 

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

The Centre for Innovation in Education coordinates staff development resources for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) at Liverpool. These resources are in support of our institutional Sustainability Strategy and Global Citizenship student attribute in the Liverpool Curriculum Framework.

New staff induction

As part of the staff induction session, led by the Academy, there will be an introduction to sustainability at the University. Staff inductions can be booked through canvas. If you miss the induction, or would like a copy of the content, please contact the Sustainability department

Carbon Literacy training

The EAUC offer comprehensive carbon literacy training to university staff. If staff wish to complete the EAUC’s carbon literacy training, visit their website for more information and to request training. The cost involved with this training will need to be funded by staff’s local budget.

LinkedIn learning playlist

Our sustainability LinkedIn learning playlist is specially curated to offer some in depth training videos for staff who would like to explore sustainability themes in more detail or have specific requirements for their role. Access our free LinkedIn learning playlist here.

Education for Sustainable Development

The Centre of Innovation in Education provides a range of opportunities for staff in the university to develop ESD within their learning and teaching. Resources are designed to enhance and develop student ESD competencies (knowledge, skills, attributes) to engage with complex real-world problems. Visit the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) page for a full range of development opportunities available to staff, including online resources, workshops, events and staff networks. 

Recommended role specific training: 

Environmental Management System ISO14001 (EMS)

If your role involves compliance with environmental legislation it may be of benefit to receive training. We recommend opting for the NQS introductory training, in line with our NQA EMS audits. 

Laboratory Efficiency and Assessment Framework (LEAF)

LEAF is a green initiative developed to improve the sustainability and efficiency of laboratories, technical workspaces including workshops, studios and galleries. If you require LEAF training please view the training resources. For further information, contact our Laboratory Sustainability Officer, Jenna Lowe: 

More information

If you require more information regarding any aspect of staff sustainability development opportunities, please email the Sustainability Department:

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