Prison History, Culture & Heritage

This overarching research theme explores, understands, and engages with the nuanced relationships between prisons, culture, and heritage, shedding light on the stories that shape our collective understanding of justice, identity, and societal evolution.

Truth-telling, Film-making, and Skill-building Karratha strip

Truth-telling, Film-making, & Skill-building

Empowering Indigenous children to shape their own narratives and forge deeper connections with their community and heritage.

Roebourne An aerial shot of Roebourne prison with text overlay that reads 'Roebourne'.


Investigating the history of imprisonment of Indigenous Australians, looking into the causes and the legacy today.

The Art of Fremantle Prison A prisoners' artwork from Fremantle Prison depicting trees on a desert.

The Art of Fremantle Prison

The stories of Indigenous prisoners at Fremantle Prison who together created astounding internationally significant art.

How Convicts Connected the World Boat on the water.

How Convicts Connected the World

Unfree Labour in British and Imperial Dockyards.

Criminals Incapable of Reform?

Criminals Incapable of Reform?

Reassessing the population of Cockatoo Island Prison, Sydney, 1847-1869.