NPDC21 Blog

A series of blog posts that reflect some of the sessions that will be on offer for researchers during NPDC21.

Wendy Purcell

Researching the world, leaving no-one behind

Dr Wendy M. Purcell: Pursuing solutions that champion equity help to create a world where no-one is left behind.

Alexandra Freeman

Consulting an Octopus about scientific research

Dr Alexandra Freeman: Publishing a scientific paper is a huge undertaking.

Denise Chilton

Difficult conversations- are you ready?

Denise Chilton: Managing professional relationships, particularly with your manager, can feel challenging.

Roddy Bray

An issue for every researcher

Roddy Bray: The National Concordat for Researcher Development and presenting the ‘Being for Beginners’ series.

Dr Mathew Tata

Prepare for a successful future

Dr Mathew Tata: Postdocs are busy people - there’s often little time to think about what comes next.

Joan Chang and Blanca Perez-Sepulveda

Community, identity, belonging

Dr Joan Chang and Dr Blanca Perez-Sepulveda: Being a postdoc often feels like a transition state - still finding our niche.

Tom Froggatt

Academia and industry: Worlds apart?

Tom Froggatt: Every year, we see more industry-academia collaborations and more people transitioning across the divide.

Sawsan Khuri

Three secrets of successful research collaborations

Dr Sawsan Khuri: Research collaboration in today’s world could involve any number of people, disciplines and organisations.

Erika Aquino

Discovering your path to effective public engagement

Erika Aquino: Increasing public knowledge, and the confidence to use that knowledge, can empower and inspire people.

Dan Wake

Supporting researchers through the Researcher Development Concordat

Dan Wake: The Concordat sets out the conditions needed to create the best culture for researchers and their careers and wellbeing.

Hellen Parra-Florez

Research Consultancy: Your next career move?

Hellen Parra-Flórez: Research consultancy is an excellent career option for postdocs who want to transition outside academia.