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In this area are specially curated collections of activities that you may like to engage in before, during or after the National Postdoc Conference 2021 (NPDC21). Self-led resources include guided meditations, yoga sessions, relaxing music, nature observation, and much more. We hope that taking part in these activities will contribute to your overall sense of wellbeing. Enjoy!

A warm welcome to the Wellbeing Oasis!

We all need to take breaks to recharge. We recognise that it is good to take screen-free respites, such as going for a walk or exercising, but that also sometimes it is not easy to step away from your device.

The good news is that tech-based breaks can give you some of the same benefits as the offscreen variety, especially if you’re able to include some combination of physical movement, social interaction, and brain stimulation.

Self-led wellbeing activities

Each wellbeing section on the conference programme offers a choice of following self-directed resources yourself or joining a 10 minute Active Wellbeing session which you will be asked to register for.

Discover self-led resources

Active Wellbeing (AW) activities

The following Active Wellbeing (AW) activities took place during the NPDC21 on 24 September 2021:

Please note

The content and options provided for the wellbeing sessions are designed to provide a relaxing experience. However, if at any point you feel unsettled or uncomfortable, please remember that you can end the session at any time.

You can find information on mental health support at

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If you would like any of the information included in this area in a different format to aid accessibility please email In order to include and cater to as many participants as possible during NPDC21, both the Keynote and Panel Discussion on Collaborative Research Practices will have speech to text live captioning. All other recorded sessions will include auto captions. Please visit our Supporting and Prioritising Accessibility and Inclusivity page for more information.