Welcome: National Postdoc Conference 2021 FAQs

Welcome to the NPDC 2021. We are delighted that you are joining us (virtually) in Liverpool for the day. This page intends to help navigate you through the day and covers all aspects of the day’s events, including the panels and presentations, networking events and competitions, and wellbeing events. Scroll down for more information, including a FAQ for answers to common questions and an email address if further assistance is required.

Live interaction

We are pleased to offer a host of interactive live forums to facilitate the conference. These forums include:

Teams-based Help Desk

Teams-based help desk will operate throughout the day. This will act as the online equivalent of a reception desk which would have been established had the conference been in person. Feel free to drop in anytime and talk with one of our conference organising team who will be very happy to field any queries you may have. This dedicated Microsoft Teams helpdesk will enable conference attendees to message and converse with the organising committee and can be accessed without downloading the application.


Dedicated NPDC21 Kumospace sessions will provide a virtual space to help facilitate attendees to engage with one another in an informal setting that attempts to emulate sharing the same physical space as others. It allows multiple conversations to be held at the same time in a friendly and fun virtual environment, including dinner party and pool party venues (no swimming trunks or swimming costumes required!).


Finally, our generous sponsors will each have their own dedicated rooms between 1-2pm during the NPDC. Feel free to drop in and find out more about their work or potential careers in their profession or arrange to meet at a specific time that better suits your schedule.

Equity, diversity, and inclusion

The NPDC 2021 organising committee and the University of Liverpool are fully committed to making the day’s event as inclusive as possible recognising the diversity that accompanies the post-doctoral research community working in the United Kingdom. For example, we have incorporated the following into the day’s proceedings:

  • Considerations have been given to the date and time of the pre-NPDC networking sessions, for example, potential childcare arrangements. A family-friendly kit is included in the virtual delegate pack, including activity sheets for children. During the NPDC, scheduled breaks have been incorporated into the online programme.
  • We have aimed to provide a diversity of contributors as evidenced in our fantastic line up of speakers. All speakers have been asked for their preferred gender pronouns to be used when introducing them.
  • We have commissioned a company to provide live captions for the headline sessions, that can be accessed directly within Zoom, or via a separate URL that will be shared in advance with all registered participants, who will be able to slow down or speed up captions as required.
  • British Sign Language interpreters will also be present for the keynote and panel discussion, and across other sessions throughout the day.
  • Reflecting the diversity of the composition and needs of the UK’s post-doctoral community, we have aimed to provide a variety of topics and different viewpoints across the 45 sessions on offer throughout the day that cater to all interests and aspirations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The National Postdoc Conference (NPDC) 2021 organising committee will continue to add to this page in the build up to the conference so please email Researcher@liverpool.ac.uk if you cannot find the answer to your question and we may add it to the FAQs for the benefit of other attendees. Click on the topic below to find answers.

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Main Event: Accessing the Programme and Sessions

Main Event: Joining the Sessions

Main Event: Creating a welcoming and inclusive environment

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The Main Event

Accessing the Programme and Sessions

Who can attend the NPDC?

Aimed primarily at UK-based postdocs and early career researchers, the NPDC is open to everyone with an interest in the research landscape, including PhD students, research fellows, PI’s, clinical research staff, and research related staff across all faculties.

Sessions are free however registration is required and places will be secured on a first come, first served basis.

How much does it cost to attend the NPDC?

The NPDC is a free event. All sessions are free and once registrations open on 2 August, early booking is strongly recommended to secure a place on in-demand sessions.

Is the NPDC face-to-face or virtual?

The NPDC will take place wholly online, and sessions will be hosted on the Zoom platform. The conference offers participants a broad range of opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills in relation to a diverse array of research and researcher-related topics, build relationships with individuals from across academia, industry, and funding bodies, and network with participants from across the country.   

What is the theme for the NPDC?

The theme is ‘New realities, stronger connections, successful futures’. It reflects the complexities of the current higher education research environment, where there is increasing recognition of postdoctoral researchers’ expectations regarding career development and healthy working environments. The resultant impact on performance and engagement is further fostered through the empowerment of a postdoctoral community to be adaptable and flexible in an increasingly diverse global research environment and employment market. 

Where is the programme?

Please go to the programme page. We are very proud of the range of development opportunities the NPDC21 presents, all designed for maximum flexibility. We are confident that there is something in there for everyone, so please do have a look through the programme and use this opportunity to support your ongoing development.

How flexible is the programme?

The NPDC programme has been designed to provide maximum flexibility, allowing participants to dip in and out of the programme in line with their interests and priorities. The keynote and panel headline sessions are of 60-and 75-minute durations respectively. The parallel sessions are bite-sized 45-minute slots, and can all be engaged with as standalone sessions. Where some sessions are repeated, that is indicated on their respective pages.

Is there a quick way to locate sessions I am interested in?

You can navigate the sessions on offer and plan your own bespoke NPDC development journey using each Bite-sized Parallel Sessions area: A, B and C. Each area is linked to directly from the conference programme and also contains a list of session links for user convenience. Please note that you should only register for one session per block of A, B and C parallel sessions.

How do I access the sessions? Where can I register?

Participants must register for each individual session. You can register via the registration links provided on the programme pages. Joining instructions, including the Zoom joining link will be emailed directly from Eventbrite 2 days, and again 2 hours before the session begins. Click on the link to access the session (see the section on Joining the Sessions for further trouble-shooting). Please note that you should only register for one session per block of A, B and C parallel sessions. 

Do I need to register for the sessions?

Yes, you must register for the sessions. Registration is free of charge. Please note that you should only register for one session per block of A, B and C. Some sessions will have limited numbers so please register as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Please do not register (or please cancel your registration) if you do not plan to attend otherwise you may prevent someone else from taking part.

Will any holding music be played during the conference?

The holding music played at the beginning and end of the Keynote and Panel discussion has been provided by students of the University of Liverpool. We thank Tom Hudson (3rd Year Composition student) composition entitled Kario Mart,  Ioan Wardhaugh (3rd Year Performance student - harp)  G.F. Handel - Harp Concerto in B flat major HWV 294, Andante Allegro, with string parts pre-recorded by the Solem Quartet, University of Liverpool Ensemble-in-Residence and  Xiaoxiao Hou (PhD Researcher and guzheng performer) Weili Hu (arr. Xiaoxiao Hou) composition Market Place, for giving their permission to use these performances for the NPDC21. A special Thank you to Helen Thomas and colleagues  from the School of Arts for helping to access the performances. 

What time zone is the conference running on?

All sessions are listed in British Summer Time (BST) which is GMT/UTC+1

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Joining the Sessions

Why haven’t I received the joining instructions?

All joining instructions are sent directly from Eventbrite 2 days and then again 2 hours before the session.  As well as your email inbox, we recommend checking any subfolders linked to your inbox. Please note that you need to register for the session for joining instructions to be sent to you. Registration closes 3 hours before the session starts.

The session I was attending has gone down, what should I do? 

Please wait a few moments while the NPDC21 team and contributors work to resolve the issue. 

We will try to restart the session. Please wait a minute or two and then try rejoining the session. If this is still unsuccessful, please check your email for further information and instructions. 

What platform is the Conference being hosted on?

All NPDC sessions will take place on Zoom. We recommend that you download the Zoom app, although you will also be able to join sessions on Zoom via your browser – in that case, it is recommended that you use Google Chrome.

I already have the Zoom app. Do I have to do anything else?

If you already have the Zoom app, to enable a smooth run-through for the day’s sessions, we would urge you to update your Zoom application. This can be done via your Zoom app, by going to Settings/Check for updates. This will take approximately 2 minutes to update. Zoom is constantly making changes and improvements and doing this will provide you with all of the Zoom functionalities needed to fully engage with the session. 

What happens when I join?

You’ll be admitted to a waiting room until the session starts – enjoy the music and sit back and relax!

I'm having technical problems and can’t get into the session – what do I do?

Make sure you’re using the Zoom link for the correct session you received in your inbox. Please also ensure you are using the same Zoom email and username that you registered with in Eventbrite. If you are still experiencing issues, try updating Zoom or rebooting or switching to another internet enabled device. You can also visit our helpdesk on Teams. All sessions will be recorded so you can always access them afterwards if problems persist. There will also be publicly-available handouts of the 5 top tips from each session.

I am having sound and/or video issues, what can I do?

First, please try the usual steps of:

  • checking the settings within the platform you are using
  • re-joining the session
  • restarting your computer or trying a different device
  • dialling in by phone if that option is enabled
  • seeking support from your institutional/organisation IT service, if available.

The help files for common online platforms can be accessed at:

Zoom: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/categories/201137166 

MS Teams: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/troubleshooting-6fa7c08a-6fd4-47a0-b275-90a5f60f1df9?ui=en-US&rs=en-US&ad=US

If the above does not resolve your problem, please see a member of the NPDC Organising Team in our Teams-based help desk (follow the link to join an MS Teams meeting where you can use the chat as well as voice option).

I’m running late and worried about disturbing the session – what do I do?

When you join, you will be sent first to a waiting room. When you are ‘let in’ to the session you will be automatically muted and your camera switched off, so you won’t disturb the session.

The session that I want to register for is sold out. What happens now?

We would encourage you to add your name to the waitlist. If a ticket becomes available, you will be contacted automatically with further instructions on how to redeem your free ticket. No further action is required.

What happens if I miss a session or want to attend two sessions occurring simultaneously?

We recognise that due to time-constraints and the rich programme of parallel sessions on offer, not all participants will be able to attend a session(s) of their choice. All sessions of the NPDC will be recorded and will be made available on the NPDC website shortly after the event. There will also be publicly-available handouts of the 5 top tips from each session.

What is recorded during an NPDC session?

All the main rooms of the NPDC sessions are recorded. Breakout rooms will not be recorded. Your voice and face will only be recorded if you speak via the microphone in the main room. If you disable your camera, your face will not be captured on the recording, even if you speak. Chat messages will not be saved with the recording. The recording is provided for academic purposes only and will be made available on the publicly-accessible NPDC website as a post-event resource.

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Creating a welcoming and inclusive environment

How can a welcoming environment be achieved?

The NPDC organisers are committed to providing a diverse, accessible, and welcoming day. We ask that all attendees are respectful of, and welcome the opportunity to engage the ideas of others. We sincerely hope that all our NPDC colleagues experience a friendly, dynamic, professionally and personally enriching event that is free from harassment or discrimination. We remind everyone to use appropriate communication for a conference that is inter-disciplinary and welcoming to people from many different backgrounds. Please be respectful and friendly with your fellow attendees.

Where is the Inclusivity Statement and Code of Conduct for the NPDC?

The Academy is committed to providing an environment which recognises and values people's differences, capitalises on the strengths that those differences bring to the institution and supports all staff and students in maximising their potential to succeed. In line with the Academy's firm commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, we offer all postdoctoral and research-related staff opportunities to develop and network irrespective of a researcher’s gender, ethnicity, age, self-identification, disability, religious affiliation, or any other criteria used to separate and define. All participants and facilitators are asked to please refer and agree to The Academy's Code of Conduct for events before the NPDC.

What should I do if I experience or witness inappropriate behaviour?

Please contact the organising team as soon as possible. You can do this by:

  1. Messaging the chair of the session via Zoom immediately: If an incident occurs in a session, send a private chat message to the NPDC organising committee member present (who will be introduced at the start of the session).
  2. Contacting a member of the organising team via the virtual Teams Helpdesk which will be running throughout the day
  3. Emailing Researcher@liverpool.ac.uk

Have the organisers taken proactive steps to ensure a safe environment?

In an effort to reduce problems, all the session links will only be shared with attendees registered for the conference and we will not be sharing any links on open forums such as social media. We also request participants not to share the links with non-attendees.

Every session will have at least one member of the NPDC organising committee present who will aim to monitor behaviour and respond appropriately if made aware of any inappropriate behaviour. Our priority remains the participant experience and for all individuals to feel at ease to fully participate in and benefit from the sessions.

The Academy is committed to providing an environment which recognises and values people's differences, capitalises on the strengths that those differences bring to the institution and supports all staff and students in maximising their potential to succeed. In line with the Academy's firm commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, we offer all postdoctoral and research-related staff opportunities to develop and network irrespective of a researcher’s gender, ethnicity, age, self-identification, disability, religious affiliation, or any other criteria used to separate and define. All participants and facilitators are asked to please refer and agree to The Academy's  Code of Conduct for events before the NPDC.

The virtual Teams Helpdesk will also be available throughout the day and aims to provide support to attendees as and when they need it.

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Live Sessions

How should I set up my equipment to maximise my experience?

  • Check you have the latest updates for the various apps running throughout the day including Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Kumospace
  • Join Zoom and Teams via a desktop or laptop, rather than your mobile phone, if possible. Check your set up on Zoom before joining a session here: https://zoom.us/test
  • For a quick demo of Kumospace, you can visit: www.kumospace.com Please note that Kumospace works best on Chrome or FireFox, and does not work well on phones
  • Mute yourself when you are not talking
  • Refer to the Section on ‘Joining the Sessions’ for further FAQs.

Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes, all NPDC21 sessions will be recorded. For further information, refer to the Section on ‘Joining the Sessions.’

Do you have any advice on combating Zoom fatigue?

Yes! Online conferences do have their down-sides and we appreciate that a packed day can cause fatigue. To help, we have scheduled in regular breaks between sessions. Being on show all day can be tiring so feel free to turn off your camera off during sessions if you are not speaking. All the main rooms of the NPDC sessions are recorded. Break rooms will not be recorded. Recordings of the NPDC21 sessions will be made available on the NPDC website shortly after the event. There will also be publicly-available handouts of the 5 top tips from each session.

The organisers have also taken time to include a series of 10-minute Active Wellbeing sessions during the day, as well as to offer a curated list of resources on the NPDC Wellbeing Oasis pages of the NPDC. We would encourage you to visit these specially curated collections of activities that you may like to engage in before, during or after the NPDC. The suggestions include ways to take breaks both with and without unplugging. We hope that taking part in these self-directed activities will contribute to your overall sense of wellbeing. Resources include guided meditations, yoga sessions, relaxing music, nature observation, and much more.

The Virtual Delegate Pack includes a family-friend pack containing children’s colouring and activity sheets for those with caring responsibilities, and a pocket book of the top tips from across all the sessions.

The NPDC Virtual Delegate Pack content includes:

  • A pocketbook containing the 5 top tips from each of 30 parallel sessions across the NPDC programme, as well as top tips on how to thrive as a postdoc, networking and collaboration.
  • A family-friendly pack including colouring and activity sheets for children
  • An NPDC Bingo card
  • A self-reflection and action-planning log
  • A wellbeing log
  • Sponsor information packs
  • Zoom backgrounds in the eye-catching NPDC colours.

Are the sessions accessible?

The NPDC organising committee have made concerted efforts to make all our sessions accessible including, for example, the availability of professionally-commissioned live transcriptionists, as well as the use of ‘Closed Captions’ on Zoom. British Sign Language interpreters will also be present for headline sessions, and at individual participants’ requests.

In addition, presenters have been reminded on the necessity to follow best practice regarding their presentations using large fonts, strong contrast colours, and alt text for any images used

You can ask questions during the Q&As via the type chat box, by using the raise your hand function/ button or verbally by unmuting yourself. Any accessibility issues during a session can be immediately reported to one of the organisers via private chat, or the Teams Helpdesk, or by emailing Researcher@liverpool.ac.uk  

If there are any further additions that the NPDC steering committee can incorporate to make to make the day’s events more accessible then please drop us at an e-mail at Researcher@liverpool.ac.uk

Where can I contact a sponsor?

If you would like to contact a sponsor, you can message them directly or go to the dedicated Kumospace online forum between 13:00-14:00 on the day of the NPDC21 during the lunchtime drop-in sessions to have a casual chat and hear about what sponsors can offer, similar to a traditional exhibition stand.

I would like to contact an NPDC participant

Please use the NPDC21 Connections Board to connect with other participants during the NPDC21. You can search by name, organisation and more using Ctrl+F on that board. The link to the NPDC21 Connections Board will be in the pre- and post-session emails related to the events for which you register.   

How can other participants contact me?

By adding your profile to the NPDC21 Connections Board, you can help other attendees to search for you and drop you a note.

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What is Kumospace and how does it work?

Although the event is held virtually, we do not want attendees to miss out on one of the best features of NPDC conferences – networking and chatting with post-docs and researchers from across the country! To help replicate this experience we are using an online networking programme called Kumospace. This space allows you move around and find people to chat with in a variety of virtual settings. A dedicated Kumospace online forum will be available between 5 August – 24 September to continue conversations that are started in the pre-conference networking and during NPDC sessions. More information is available on how to use Kumospace.

When are the Kumospace sessions open?

Unlike the Teams based helpdesk, Kumospace will be open all the time, and you are welcome to arrange to meet a colleague at any time. In addition to the schedule of the pre-NPDC networking events, the Kumospace rooms will be facilitated by members of the NPDC organising committee at designated times during the day: between 13:30-14:30 and 16:30-17:00 on the day of the NPDC. Check the programme for when these designated sessions are provided – we look forward to getting to know you!

Is there are Code of Conduct for using Kumospace?

Yes. Continuing the steering committee’s commitment to a welcoming and accessible day please read the code of conduct for Kumospace.

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Pre-Conference Networking

What are these sessions for?

These online sessions are an opportunity to network with other attendees in the lead up to NPDC 21. A dedicated Kumospace online forum will be available between 5 August – 24 September to continue conversations that are started in the pre-conference networking and during NPDC sessions.

When and where are these sessions running?

There is one session a week between 5 August and 20 September 2021. The schedule of events is now available. Ranging from more an informal virtual chats to virtual pub quiz, all events will take place online, either on Zoom or Kumospace. To play some of the online games you will be provided a personalised URL to access via your browser at the start of the session.

It’s the school holidays and I’m working from home - are children welcome?

Yes, children are welcome to join in – we think they’ll really enjoy it! We are hosting a children’s scavenger hunt during our virtual coffee on 5 August, and have child-friendly activities included in our Sustainable Art Show and Supermarket Sweep sessions. Please note that children should be supervised at all times by the guardians, and are not eligible to receive Love2Shop vouchers as prizes. They will however receive a virtual “well done” prize!

Do I have to register?

Yes, registration will open via Eventbrite from 21 June. You will receive joining instructions by email two days and then two hours before the session start.

Some of these sessions involve playing games, I don’t know how – can I still join in?

Of course, all games and activities will be explained at the start of the session by the facilitators. We’ve also created online guides, for Online Pictionary (aka Gartic Telephone) and Codenames, which you can refer to as well. 

Are these pre-networking sessions accessible?

We are hosting our pre-networking sessions on several platforms, which have different levels of accessibility. You will never be obliged to turn on your camera or microphone, and are always welcome to participate only via the text chat if you would prefer.

Zoom sessions: this video-conferencing software can be used with a screen-reader and the font size of chat and closed captioning can be adjusted. Our facilitators will give both verbal instructions and information in the chat

Kumospace, sessions: this immersive video chat software involves moving your avatar in a virtual environment.  You can enable or disable video or microphone once you’ve entered the room and can also write text in the chat function. Both audio and chat messages are relayed to a limited number of people when you set your audio range to “normal” or “quiet”. There is a zoom function. Video thumbnails that are displayed as virtual avatars are small  proportionate to the room and cannot be enlarged. You can disable the sound of a doorbell when people enter the Kumospace if you would like. Instructions shared to you by the organisers will be communicated via a small “pop out” video and audio broadcasted to the whole room as well as  in the text chat.

Please refer to the section on Kumospace within this FAQ

For some sessions will also be linking to external sites:

  • On the website www.horsepaste.com  (for Codenames Game session) you can adjust setting to enlarge the board to full screen, add patterned borders to help colour-blind players distinguish teams and darken the brightness of the board. You will be provided with a customised URL by conference organisers, so you will only be playing with other registered participants, not members of the general public. 
  • On the website www.garticphone.com (for Online Pictionary session) please be aware there are moving animations and bright visuals. These cannot be magnified within your browser. A telephone will also ring loudly to indicate when time is running out - you can “mute” this function at the start of the game. Drawing on a computer is not always easy: we recommend you use a mouse or tablet-pen, rather than your finger or a trackpad to do so. You will be provided with a customised URL by conference organisers, so you will only be playing with other registered participants, not members of the general public. 
  • The website Box of Broadcasts, is an archive of recorded live British TV available to UK higher education institutes holding an ERA licence. You are welcome to access the film for our virtual movie night using any platform of your choice. On Box of Broadcasts Users can zoom up to 200% without impacting the functionality of the website, navigate most of the website using just a keyboard, listen to most of the website using a screen reader. and control the video play with a keyboard. However, you cannot change colours, contrast levels and fonts and text-alternatives are not always provided for non-text content.

If you have any additional accessibility needs please let us know via the Eventbrite registration form, or by emailing Researcher@liverpool.ac.uk

I hear there are prizes to be won! How do I claim mine?

Yes, every networking session will have prizes on offer! If you are announced a winner, you will be emailed about collecting your prize on the email you registered with via Eventbrite. All prizes for pre-conference networking will be £10 Love2Shop Vouchers, which are redeemable at a variety of high street shops.

How can I give feedback on the pre-networking sessions?

We welcome your feedback which can be shared as a “post it” note on our MURAL. Please be aware all comments will be shared anonymously but will be viewable to other attendees.

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Poster Competition

From 12 pm on the 22 September through to 12pm on the 23 September 2021 we will be hosting a virtual poster competition on twitter open to anyone who is interested. Find out more in the Poster Competition webpage.

How do I submit an entry to the poster competition?

To submit an entry to the poster competition all you need to do is register in our poster competition form and tweet your poster within the times of the competition including the conference hashtag #NPDC21 in your tweet. You are welcome to tag @UoL_RSA and @LivResearcher as well.

What should my poster be about?

Your poster can be either about your research, about the experience of being a postdoc or about the conference theme “New realities, stronger connections, successful futures”. The most important thing is to make it visually appealing and accessible to a general audience!

Can I re-cycle a poster I’ve submitted for another competition?

Absolutely! We encourage participants to use a poster from a recent conference they have presented at. This will save you time of making a whole new poster and still give you the opportunity to reach new national audience of postdocs from outside your field. If you do want to make a poster from scratch you are very welcome to! We do ask that you check to make sure you have the permission of your PI, funders and any other stakeholder in your research if you are presenting new research, remember, Twitter is a public platform.

What about copyright?

All posters shared on Twitter will be in the public domain. Please check that you use non-copyrighted images that are free to share in the public domain (we recommend using Wikimedia Commons or customise your image search to those free to share under a Creative Commons licence). Images under a and that you have permission to share any images you use that include others If you are using photographs taken of others, please get their written consent.  If you are using visual material belonging your research group, please ask the permission of your PI and/or funder.

What makes a good poster?

It is difficult to define what makes a good poster. However there are some key things to get right which will make your poster accessible to a general audience.

(1) Make sure that your text is big enough to read, once it is shared as an image on twitter, for people viewing them on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

(2) Avoid jargon and communicate for a general. Remember that these posters will be viewed by a general audience and solely by experts in your research area so be sure that the lay person can understand what you are saying (this is also where questions and networking comes in very useful).

For more tips on what makes a good poster visit our Tips and Guidance section of the #NPDC21 Poster Exhibition webpage.

How can I see the posters?

Have a browse of our virtual poster exhibition by searching #NPDC21 on Twitter. Please “reply” to ask questions, “heart” your favourites  and “quote tweet” your own or others if you want to boost those seeing your poster. Remember if you want people to see your poster  it is vital to include the conference hashtag (#NPDC21) in your tweet!

What are the prizes, and how can I claim them?

Anyone who registers in the poster competition form and shares their poster under the hashtag #NPDC21 between midday 22 and midday 23 September 2021 will be eligible to win one of our prizes! A panel of judges from various disciplines will judge your poster won how it looks, how well it communicates the research to a general audience and how the presenter engages with the audience  by answering questions on Twitter. The prizes, in the form of Love2Shop vouchers, will be awarded as follows:

1st place - £50 voucher

2nd place - £30 voucher

3rd place - £20 voucher

The winners will be announced on Twitter on the day of the conference from the @UoL_RSA and @LivResearcher Twitter accounts, and we will also tweet the posters too so keep checking the account for any updates! All winners will be emailed by the organisers in the weeks after the event with details on how to claim their prize – so make sure your email on the registration sheet is correct!

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Social Media and Graphics

Where can I engage with the conference on social media?

We welcome you to tweet us about the conference – which sessions you’re attending, how you’re spending the breaks and whether you’ve completed your conference bingo card yet! Please also browse our virtual conference exhibition and ask questions to the creators. Find all our tweets about the conference using the hashtag #NPDC21. Follow @LivResearcher and @UoL_RSA for regular updates on the NPDC and further information about researcher development opportunities.

I’ve seen some cool NPDC21 zoom backgrounds – where can I get one?

Get the look and download one of our custom NPDC21 virtual backgrounds in our Virtual Delegate Pack

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Conference take-aways, evaluation and feedback

What’s in the NPDC virtual delegate pack?

Let’s face it one of the big attractions to a real life conference is the goody bag you may receive. However, in the interests of sustainability and with the NPDC being virtual this year, we have put together an exciting Virtual Delegate Pack which we hope combines the benefits of a virtual meeting and the increased accessibility it provides for participants across the whole country.

The NPDC Virtual Delegate Pack content includes:

  • A pocketbook containing the 5 top tips from each of 30 parallel sessions across the NPDC programme
  • A family-friendly pack including colouring and activity sheets for children
  • An NPDC Bingo card
  • A self-reflection and action-planning log
  • A wellbeing log
  • Sponsor information packs
  • Zoom backgrounds in the eye-catching NPDC colours.

How can I give feedback on the conference?

Please update us throughout the day with your feedback on the sessions and/or the conference as a whole. Visit our MURAL page to leave post it notes with your thoughts. This will be anonymous but will also be viewable to other NPDC21 attendees, so must conform to The Academy's Code of Conduct for events.

The themes arising from the Mural-based feedback during the NPDC will be included in a visual summary of the event. This graphic, along with a video of the event will be shared with all those who engage with the NPDC, as well as our strategic partners and postdoctoral-researcher-related stakeholders.

What evaluation model are you using for the NPDC?

The Academy’s evaluations are based on the Kirkpatrick model and we follow up with participants 6 months after an event to explore impacts upon them. We will also encourage participants to revisit the self-reflection and wellbeing logs that they will have completed during the NPDC.

Will I receive a certificate of participation for the NPDC21?

A personalised certificate is available for each session upon request. Please email researcher@liverpool.ac.uk letting them know which session(s) you attended. Certificates will NOT be emailed out automatically. 

What happens after the NPDC?

All the recordings of the NPDC21 sessions will be made publicly available on the NPDC website shortly after the event. Post-NPDC activities will include invitations to all those who attended to participate in Liverpool’s online events that are made available to external postdocs (permission is sought for this contact when participants register for NPDC events). Future activities will include:

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NPDC21 mobile app

What is the National Postdoc Conference 2021 Mobile Phone App?

The NPDC21 mobile phone app provides a range of features to enhance the attendee’s experience, including the ability to create a personalised itinerary.

Features include:

  • Conference programme
  • Ability to filter programme
  • Ability to create a personalised itinerary
  • Enhanced session information
  • Speaker information
  • Search feature
  • Sponsor information.

The app also contains links to the NPDC21 poster competition, the Wellbeing Oasis, and other useful information.

Where is the NPDC21 app available?

The NPDC 2021 app will be available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

What are the system requirements for the NPDC21 app?

The app is supported by iPhones running iOS 12 or later, and Android phones running Android 5.0 upwards.

Who should I contact if my question has not been answered above?

If you have queries relating to the NPDC, please contact Researcher@liverpool.ac.uk

Everyone at the steering group committee looks forward to welcoming you to Liverpool and to NPDC 2021. If you haven’t found an answer to your question(s) then please e-mail us at Researcher@liverpool.ac.uk - we will be happy to help.

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If you would like any of the information included in this area in a different format to aid accessibility please email researcher@liverpool.ac.uk. In order to include and cater to as many participants as possible during NPDC21, both the Keynote and Panel Discussion on Collaborative Research Practices will have speech to text live captioning. All other recorded sessions will include auto captions. Please visit our Supporting and Prioritising Accessibility and Inclusivity page for more information.