NPDC Kumospace Code of Conduct

Although we are meeting virtually, rather than face to face, the goals of the Kumospace sessions remain the same: to help create a community of post-docs to share information and ideas, to provide encouragement and offer feedback, and to get to know one another better. Please treat this space and your fellow attendees with respect and as if we were meeting face to face. The code of conduct is provided here to support this.

We offer the following code of conduct to ensure Kumospace is an enjoyable and inclusive environment for everyone in keeping with the University of Liverpool’s Positive and Inclusive Research Culture:

  • Kumospace can work on smartphones and tablets but we highly recommend installing Kumospace onto your laptop or desktop computer, if you have one
  • Your device should have a speaker and a microphone; a camera is also advised - it may improve your sound quality to use a headset/earbuds instead of the device’s internal microphone and speakers
  • Kumospace activity must not be recorded by anyone, including photographs or screenshares without the explicit consent of all present and the opportunity given to individuals to switch their cameras off
  • The NPDC Kumospace must not be used for any other purpose than that stated in the NPDC programme and schedule of networking and engagement activities
  • Do not share Kumospace links online or distribute login details to anyone. If you cannot find a joining link, please email, or, on the day of the NPDC, visit the Zoom Helpdesk for advice
  • Your onscreen display name should be your real name
  • There are some things that do differ in an online environment: jokes and sarcasm don’t often translate well when someone can’t read your facial and body language
  • Any defamatory, offensive or illegal material aired online, or inappropriate behaviour, will result in removal from the session and non-admittance to other conference sessions/activities
  • If anyone’s online behaviour is disrespectful or in any way breaks the Academy Code of Conduct, please report it to the NPDC organisers (they can be identified on Kumospace as an avatar with a gold star), or exit the session and visit our Zoom helpdesk who will notify the host. You can also email the inbox which will be monitored at all times
  • Please be aware that this virtual networking space is unmoderated. If children of delegates want to pilot their parent’s or guardian’s Kumospace avatar, they must be supervised at all times. The University of Liverpool and/or NPDC organisers shall in no event be held liable or responsible directly or indirectly, for any issues caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with use of, or reliance on Kumospace.

Important: In line with Kumospace’s own rules, if necessary, there is the option for an individual to be removed from an event. If an individual is removed from the NPDC Kumospace once, they will be blocked from returning to that particular Kumospace URL until the event is over. 

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